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  1. You finally received her! I like very much the base of this sculpture, which I find original. Clothes are faithful to the character (personally, I prefer those of Good Smile Company’s adaptation). I don’t like really, the mouth (but it is often the case in Volk’s sculptures.. Fate’s face isn’t great too). Once again, the figure is beautiful, without being extraordinary, but as it’s limited (Volks), quality/price is not respected. A figure for Horo addict ^^ You have a Horo collection impressive!! Which is the best according to you?

    1. Which one’s the best you ask? I answered that in the review of course! The last sentence! This one’s the best for sure. Good Smile Company’s adaptation is quite good but I prefer this relaxed and casually dressed Horo.

      My Horo collection isn’t big enough though, I need 7 Horos at least, because in the Wolf Whistling song there’s 7 apples on the witches tree! Not a convincing reason I know, but it’s better than ‘just because’ 😀

  2. Oh yeah, lovely Horo.^^ Volks quality is usually a hit or a miss.

    How much did you pay for her?

    1. I knew nothing of Volks going in to this and could only hope that she would turn out alright, and she did thankfully!

      After all was said and done, after the cost of her, the double shipping fees, the fees Tokyo Hunter charged, the use of EMS shipping and the exchange rates at the various times payments were sent, she cost $160 CAD. Part of the reason the cost was so high is just simply due to poor timing with exchange rates and payment, oh well. She was worth it in my mind. But I certainly wouldn’t be spending that much money on other characters, I do have a certain attachment to Horo.

  3. Another very nice cover image, Aka.

    Great review. And a lot more balanced than I would’ve thought from a diehard Horo fan. 😉 I don’t have her but I agree with you that Horo’s personality really shines through and caries this figure. That and her relaxed pose is very unique for figures out there.

    It’s a shame her skins tones weren’t as flush as they could’ve been, but you raise an interesting question about how you find the right balance of depth for an animated character. Perhaps that is why figures from visual novels tend to look better than their anime counterparts? Because the art is usually more lush in that medium?

    PS. Taki Horo’s had bare feetsies too so you love Taki Horo as well, right? 😀

    1. My first iteration of this review was a lot more gushing. I wrote it shortly after receiving her and was still a bit too exciting. After a day or so I came back to it and re-read and re-wrote. It was at this point I could start to look at her subjectively and decide that she wasn’t the best figure evar or on the market, but was definitely the best Horo in my opinion.

      You could be right about the comparison between visual novel and anime with respect to the quality of of their artwork. It’s not something I’d considered but could easily be true in a number of cases. Do you have any examples though? I don’t mean to call you out or anything, just curious. I have a few characters from visual novels but haven’t seen the connection you drew. Though that could just reflect my choice of figures so far, you’ve been collecting far longer than I have.

      PS: While that is true, no. Just, no. Though Taki’s Horo has grown on me in some ways, but don’t get me wrong she’s still the worst figure I own. After piling the 5 Horos into one shot it really struck me just how bad Cospa’s Horo’s face was though, there’s no similarity between it and Horo the character at all, none! So I think Cospa’s Horo has become my second worst, though likely always was anyway.

      1. LOL. I usually just jump right in – objectivity be damned! 😀

        The thought was more anecdotal than anything; just took a glance at my shelves behind me and thought I noticed a pattern like that. One that I think supports the theory you actually have: GSC’s Melissa Seraphy from Wagamama Capriccio. One on hand her color scheme (and skin tone) looks to be more saturated than your normal PVC, on the other hand it fits quite nicely with the art style of the game. I think a similar argument can be made of both Alter’s and GSC’s Chu x Chu Idol figures. Of course it doesn’t always hold true. Alter’s Pastel Chime figures, while amazing, don’t quite capture the warmth of the art.

        I would try to cite Native’s Kotone Ousaka, but she’s not really based on a visual novel. (Though she sure as hell is visual! :3)

        I also remember reading once that companies put more money into visual novel/h-game figures than others. I forget where I read it or they thought that, but that’s also kinda colored my perception.

        I do kind like Taki Horo’s outfit.

        PS. How’s that for a long comment? xD

      2. Pff I’ve had a longer comment on your website than you mine! 😛 But I appreciate your effort!

        I think you could be right about Melissa, I really liked her overall, she had nice colouring everywhere and a nice sculpt as well. Even her pumpkin has shading! So I think I’ll agree with you on this until someone provides evidence to sway me the other direction.

        I think you like Taki Horo’s outfit because you can almost see bum without even trying, and if you try you see nopan!

      3. Curses! I wont give up though!

        It must bug you to agree with me about something.

        So, economics? 😉

        (And I think you’re right about why I like the outfit :3)

      4. While it may bug me, at least it was in regard to a figure worthy of praise, among some others I’ll ignore.

        Economics are what made this figure so expensive!

  4. At the end, more fear than pain for that Horo adaptation by VOLKS.
    Even if small defects are numerous and that the painting could be
    improved, i think it’s well made and respect the character design.
    A little too bad the mouth spoils the face a bit.
    On the other side, a great plus for the very original base.

    A nice horo gathering. Ma favorite stays the one from GSC.

    1. GSC’s Horo is quite well done but her face doesn’t seem quite right in their adaptation. Everything else however is quite good.

    1. Ah nice, you got a Volks Horo as well. I suppose I already knew you would, but it’s good to know you got your hands on one.

      How do you like yours? How does she compare to others in your opinion?

      1. well, she isn’t the best pvc figure ever (i mean, look at things like saber lily/BRS, that said, i have no interests for them :P) however in horo figures thus far, i would say the best.

        in terms of just the mass production works however (comparing end product and the prototype figure/pictures), i would say GSC > volks. they have more experience in this no doubt and the end paint job is much more refined (where you’ve pointed out a defect in the volks production release, even mine had minor defects here/there too) and notably less defects.

        overall though, id still prefer volks the most, only because of her mischievous expression. the other smiling expression’s “flaw/defect” aside, its this mischievous expression that makes her stand out amongst the other horo figures, and no doubt, portrays her playful character accurately when no one else thus far did it.

      2. I’m starting to think BRS is far from the best PVC ever. Don’t get me wrong I think I’ll like her when she arrives, but she’s not living up to the high expectations given to her. Saber Lily though is amazing.

        GSC so far remains my top figure company, but things sound as though they’re slipping for them. But I’ll have to wait to confirm that when BRS and WIM finally arrive.

        I’m glad your Horo figure had marks in the same place, I don’t feel like I got a bad one then, but still sucks.

        I don’t really like her mischevious face as much as her smiling face though I agree with you to some extent. I think she stands out because she’s in a pose you could really picture her in, the others seem somewhat contrived to give her some sort of action without any real thought. Where as Volks’ Horo just seems like casual everyday Horo, the kind of Horo I want.

      3. personally id side over with alter. problem with alter? they don’t really release figures that interests me too often 😛

        take a look at saber shin sonic form. that, imo, far surpasses gsc’s saber lily and BRS. well, it does come at a pretty hefty price though 😛

        as for Horo, it isn’t really at the same spot, other spots to be more accurate, but its just minor stuffs, and i mean, i do own quite an amount of figures myself, i’ve already long pass the sense of perfection (like having a non dented box lol) and accept the harsh reality of mass production flaws. that doesn’t mean id turn a blind eye on major flaws (which i have yet to encounter myself though) like having broken parts, or really REALLY obvious paint flaws/defects.

      4. Everyone seems to side with Alter, but I don’t have enough Alter figures to really say anything, other than the one I have is poorly painted, and the other is very well done. So if you average that in my mind they’re just exactly average. Though I know better. I think I fall in the same category as you though, they don’t release as many figures that appeal to me as say GSC, which is probably why they end up my favourite.

        What figure is Saber Shin Sonic Form?

        I currently own 43 figures, which I consider quite a large amount, but not really sure. But I think I’ve also softened up a bit towards defects, though I have received some major defects as far as I’m concerned. My most recent would be Mao.

  5. ah nested reply limit reached 😛
    well check out alter’s nanoha series (pretty much their best works imo) in my gallery then:

    sorry i meant Fate-T-Harlaown True Sonic Form. thats the latest alter release, cost bout 13k yen: http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10087295
    most, if not all major sites had her sold out upon release date lol.

    as for me, http://www.thefiguremall.com/member/Quazacolt minus about 4? which isnt in the profile because someone is lagging like crazy in adding them 😛 give/take 36
    been slowing down on figures since early/mid 2009 though, and siding more towards merchandises. prolly cuz of my love to horo/horo dakimakura 😛

    just got her bath towel recently too, didn’t got to wrap her around me *YET* /gg

    1. I keep almost buying that other merchandise, like sheets or towels. But I’ve stopped myself due to their costs vs what I think they should cost.

      Oh Fate, I suppose it’s well done, I just wish they’d stop duing figures from that series, because I don’t like it.

      I’ve been accelerating on figure purchases…

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