Review: Shinichi Mechazawa Plush

And now for something… completely different.

I hear you ask yourself, “is that a plush toy? honestly?” yes honestly, that’s a plush toy. Shinichi Mechazawa from the positively absolutely no strings attached really truely and undeniably hilarious anime and manga series that goes by the name Cromartie High School. I’m not sure if it really was that funny or not because I can’t remember much about the series, other than the fact I was laughing a lot.


Cromartie High School is an infamous school for delinquent students, and as such is filled with them. Shinichi Mechazawa is one of the students at this school and suspected to be a robot, though many of his classmates do not seem to notice, along with himself. Which I can understand, it’s quite hard to be sure with these things, especially based on his looks. He wears clothes like a person, and he has headphones, surely a robot would not possess these items?


This plush toy made in his image was produced by the ADV Films corporation which has recently liquidated it’s assets and no longer exists. I purchased the plush toy during one of their St Patrick Day sales I believe a number of years ago, along with a number of DVDs. If memory serves me, I believe he was more expensive than the DVDs I bought (He was $9 and the DVDs were $7). Since purchase Mechazawa has resided on many shelves in a few different rooms, not once has he been a delinquent, I think I was ripped off.


The likeness in this plush toy is phenomenal, you can really see the resemblance between the real mechazawa and this plush toy. His shiny almost metallic looking skin (I wonder where he’s from?), his shiny yellow eyes, and even his claw-like hands, all of these items just scream Mechazawa. Additionally, his almost robotic round body gives off a very real impression that he might be a robot, without giving too much away of course and allowing you to just imagine that he might be. It’s really quite amazing what they’ve managed with this plush toy.

plush-adv-films-mechazawa-03 plush-adv-films-mechazawa-04plush-adv-films-mechazawa-06


One of the downsides to the plush toy Mechazawa is that he’s soft. I always pictured him in the series as being built like a machine, firm and rigid. But this plush toy gives off an entirely different impression, that even the most notorious delinquents are really just soft souls and maybe even want to be cuddled. I just can’t believe that though, I feel the plush should have been rigid and even shinier! His skin doesn’t give off enough of a metallic built like a machine impression. I’m really disappointed.

Yet another downside to this plush toy is posability. He has movable limbs but they’re incapable of supporting his weight and squish in much the same way foam does. It’s really unsettling. It really seems that they’ve overlooked this key function of limbs, again I must say, disappointment rises yet again.

plush-adv-films-mechazawa-08 plush-adv-films-mechazawa-09plush-adv-films-mechazawa-11


Overall the likeness of Mechazawa is there, the shapes, colours, and looks, but the feel just isn’t. Was he worth the $9? It’s hard to be sure, it’s almost as if he’s made out of foam and textiles, are those really worth a whole $9? I guuueeesssss I’ll go with yes, he was worth the $9, but only just. The issues with his rubber-like limbs not able to support his weight really do it in for me.



  • Exudes Mechazawa’s likeness
  • Nine dollars!!
  • Poseable!
  • Mechazawa can’t be a robot, he’s far too soft


  • Needs to be shinier
  • Limbs incapable of supporting their own weight



  1. Guy says:

    Amusing review, “You can really see the likeness…” 😉

  2. Leonia says:

    Nicely review ^^ he is funny ^^

  3. Lylibellule says:

    I do not know the character or the series from which it comes.
    This is not the kind of thing that I buy but I find it quite nice despite the flaws you mention.

  4. Aka says:

    Thanks guys, I’m glad you found it amusing.

    @Lylibellule, I don’t buy this sort of thing normally either. Mechazawa’s just been sitting around my room for years and I thought it’d be fun to joke around a little 🙂

  5. Rico-sama says:

    “He wears clothes like a person, and he has headphones, surely a robot would not possess these items?”

    LOL! Line of the post right there. 😀

    See lots of plush toys at the local shop, but none of them seem quite as good as Mechazawa. I guess it’s harder to screw Nartuto up than it is a mech I guess. 😛

    Great post. Is it sad I kinda want one now?

    PS. RIP ADV. Long live five other satellite companies!

    • Aka says:

      I don’t think it’s sad necessarily… but I’m glad that I made him seem appealing! I wasn’t sure how a (fake) review of a plush toy would go over.

      Naruto anything is fail, especially if they get it right 😛