Review: Kotobukiya’s Blanc Neige

There’s just something about Blanc Neige that really does it for me. Tony Taka did an excellent job designing her as a character and Kotobukiya did a reasonable job realizing her in 3-dimensions. I think I can even say this is my favourite Kotobukiya figure that I currently own and let me tell you why.


Blanc Neige is a character from an action role-playing game titled Shining Wind whose character designs are illustrated by Tony Taka. Shining Wind is apparently the 8th game in the ‘Shining’ series of games and was released for the PlayStation 2 May 17th, 2007. During the course of that week the game sold 78,000 units making it the top selling game in Japan for that week. Additionally the game shares the main characters from the previous iteration Shining Tears.

In April of 2007 both Shining Tears and Shining Wind was adapted into an anime called Shining Tears X Wind of which I never got around to watching but apparently didn’t fare too well. Out of 664 votes on, the series scores an unfortunate average of 5.7 out of 10. Some readers who might know a little french probably have noticed what her name translates as, Snow White. She’s definitely not the Snow White I remember…

The figure itself is of course produced by Kotobukiya at a scale in the 1/8th range. Her original MSRP was ¥5,800 / $67 CAD and was released in September of 2008. I purchased her for about $46 off eBay where she can be found quite easily.

The Good

There are many positive aspects to this figure that I’m really attracted to. Her red eyes for example, a fetish that’s been growing on me it seems are quite nice. I like how they’re not red red, they’re like a maroon or darker faded red that I feel contrasts well with her pale skin colour. Keeping with her facial features and expanding out a bit, I like the overall shape of her head and the proportions of it, making for a rather attractive face in my opinion.


The part of this figure that catches my eyes most however is her dress. I love how it hugs her hips and the wrinkles that form because of this. I love the frilly edges that run down the one side. But most of all, I love how it reveals her leg. I find this one aspect of the figure so sexy I can’t keep my eyes off her because of it, it’s not quite zettai ryouiki in the strictest definition, but damn it’s doing a good job trying. There I just looked again. I had to get her off my desk and into the display cabinet to allow myself to be productive again.

figure-kotobukiya-blanc-neige-33Other appealing aspects, if you remove her cape you can see the dress hugs her bottom as well as reveals what I might say to be a sexy back. You also get to see almost some bum this way, I say almost because it feels as if you can see it but really I think it might be an illusion of shadows, but it’s enticing none the less and very much a tease.

The Bad

Some of the lesser qualities of Blanc Neige… She seems to lack shading entirely, any shading you think you see is almost certainly caused by a shadow. Her hair seems quite flat because of this because it also lacks sculpting detail in the upper portions. While I don’t think this ruins the figure it definitely takes away from it which is unfortunate. Some more minor issues, her wand doesn’t stay in her hand very well at all and constantly wants to slide further down. Her hair comes into heavy contact with her cape when you replace her head, I fear there’ll be some issues with paint here over time if one were to remove the cape often. You can even notice that the angle her head sits at with the cape on is slightly different than without. Lastly, the base, it honestly looks like they took the top of a Pringles can and screwed her onto it. It might be the most plain and ugliest base I have, at least it’s not something I bother to look at though.

figure-kotobukiya-blanc-neige-37The Ugly

You knew it was coming didn’t you, with headers like that. There’s one major issue with this figure and made it’s just major due to one of my many fetishes but that’s for you to decide, and one minor but still ugly issue as well. Lets start with the more minor issue of the two. From one specific angle viewing from the right side of her face and just in front a bit, her eyes look way too far apart, making her look quite off. But this is only an issue from this one point of view, as I can’t see it from anywhere else. I feel this point is worse than the cape issue just because when I saw it I thought to myself “oh my god, how did I not notice this in any other pictures before?!”

The last and worst aspect of this figure… her boots, or rather, her left boot. Why is it so much bigger than her right? her foot seems huge and elongated and ugly. Is this just an issue with perspective? like with her leg tilted like that it has to be long and ugly looking? Or is it just poor sculpting on Kotobukiyas part? I personally feel it’s Kotobukiya’s mistake. And honestly, neither boot is very detailed or appealing in the slightest. She’d have been better off in thighhighs without shoes standing on her tippy-toes. But that would just cater to that one fetish of mine and would look strange given her attire.


The End

Despite the 2 bad sections to this review I really do love this figure. She’s just got this sexy pose and sexy dress and cute face and nicely sized bust, I can’t help it. I only wish they’d taken more care in various aspects of her, such as her hair, and maybe more detail in those boots along with some proper proportions. It’s strange, I don’t think she’ll score the highest of my Kotobukiya figures, but she’s more satisfying than the others I’ve reviewed so far (Horo aside).

Mmmm Blanc Neige’s legs… wish I could see more of them.



  • Attractive eyes
  • Love her dress, hugs her hips nicely and shows just a bit of bum
  • Simple but attractive pose


  • Much of the paintwork is flat
  • The way her hair contacts with the cape when it’s on and pushes on her head
  • Her left boot is longer than her right
  • Base looks like the top of a pringles can



  1. Panther says:

    Her boot size is related to perspective, turn her around and you will see that they are the same.

    You are not seeing things – her eyes are too far apart. In the original color sample, she looked way way better, and Koto actually failed in Blanc Neige, which made me rage since Blanc Neige is my first waifu.

    Shining Tears X Wind is not a combination of both Tears and Wind. Shining Tears is the first in the duo, and Shining Wind takes place a year after Tears. In Tears, Blanc Neige had a different outfit, and shorter hair. She was much more radiant and lovely in Wind. Shining Tears X Wind is merely a retelling of the story of Shining Wind, but from another main character’s point of view instead, which was why it was severely disappointing, doubly so if you played the game.

    I reviewed her a year ago, in two different photoshoots (one in day one in night). I have a lot of gripes about how Koto finished her off, and seriously, I hope either MF or Alter comes out with her Wind appearance in a better version.

    • Aka says:

      Thanks for the clarifications! I was basing my info off a quick skim through the wiki articles on the series. Hell originally I thought it was a visual novel… Looking back at the Shining Tears X Wind article, I can see that had I read the second sentence I’d have known what you said already. Aka fails at life it would seem.

      I have to say, I’ve turned Blanc Neige around, and I suppose from one angle her boots are fine, but from every other angle her one boot looks too big.

      Do you happen to have a picture of the original colour sample? I’d be curious to compare the eye placement.

  2. Leonia says:

    Yours pictures are amazing Aka! I love this shooting! This character’s version is really nice and i will probably buy her one days. I love her clothes, more nice than swimsuit’s adaptation. I don’t know if i prefer with her cape or not. This figure is really sensual and sexy when she hasn’t her. This is one of my favorite kotobukiya characters. I don’t like in general the quality of this manufacturer but Blanc Neige is cute and so nice. Thanks your for this sharing!!

    (Sorry for my english, i don’t use an online traductor because i post this message with my Iphone, during my lesson at University.. I hope that you will understand that i want say XD).

    • Aka says:

      Thanks Leonia, I tried something new out with my pictures this time around to get a perfectly white background. Resulted in a slightly shinier cape though which annoys me a little.

      Kotobukiya is definitely a bit off a lot of the time with their designs and of course this figure is no different. But I think the character design was sexy enough to cover up for their mistakes.

      I prefer her with her cape on when on display, but I like how much of her right leg I get to see with the cape off, and the little bit of bum.

  3. Guy says:

    I keep eyeing this figure on eBay, I’d prolly get her when I see her again for about $25, which I’m sure I will.

  4. Rico-sama says:

    Her eyes are quite bothersome indeed. Looking at that first pic I thought I was seeing things, but it looks like this was Kotobukiya’s fault. Her left eye looks like it’s positioned where it should be, but the right looks way over – so it’s not even symmetrical. How would QC not notice that? That alone really knocks the figure down a few notches in my book.

    It’s also a shame to hear about the lack of shading. Pics look quite deceiving in that area, you’re right. At least the color itself looks right (sometimes a problem with Kotobukiya).

    Still looks like a good figure, just a shame Kotobukiya failed on the basics.

    Oh, I also love that revealed thigh and the hint of a bum. :3

    • Aka says:

      I think that really sells the figure for me, that hint of bum. It makes me drool.

      As for the rest, the eye is a throw off, but honestly I barely noticed the issue until taking all the pics and examining them while I was running my post-processing in Lightroom. The shading however was pretty apparent, but didn’t bother me either when it was on display. I truely think I was distracted by the hint of bum and her thigh. At least for the review I was able to look past that aspect.

  5. Lylibellule says:

    Very nice pictures but I do not like this figure. The face and the look of boots and feet are deplorable.

    • Aka says:

      Thanks Lylibellule. I agree that the face and boots are fairly poor. But regardless I love how her dress is designed and how well it works. It allows me to not focus on her boots. But it is too bad about her face still, I mean overall I like it, but still.

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