Melissa Seraphy by Good Smile Company

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  1. I made recently a review of this lovely figure that is Melissa Seraphy. One of my first figure ! She is really great for her date release ^^ Cute and sweet, sensual and sexy ^^ I love her, and your picture are great !

  2. Looks like you made your imposed deadline. 😀

    Ah, I remember this one. Sorry you couldn’t find any more information than I did but in a way I’m glad: means I’m not alone in it, lol.

    I’ll have to double-check on my Melissa, but I believe she had a shinny tummy too. I didn’t get in nearly close enough on mine to see the seam issue near her panties, but it’s worth a closer inspection. 😀 Oh, and it really doesn’t bother me that you can’t display her without the pumpkin – she looks far cuter with it on.

    Great use of the black background as it really lets some great shadows get cast on the figure!

    PS. “Gotta love the non-white pantsu!” (Which you seem to love a lot, lol!)

    1. I do enjoy me some non-white pantsu. But white pantsu are fine too. Nopan is also fine. I’m just generally accepting of that area.

      Ah well if yours has a shiny tummy too I feel better. I’m not the only one getting blinded by Melissas tummy (kidding!).

    1. I paid $85 USD for her. Was one of those Buy it Now or Give an Offer type ebay “auctions”. They were asking I believe $100, I gave an offer of $75, they sent a counter offer of $85, and I bought at that.

  3. I like that the figure’s hair is more subdued and rich hair, rather than the neon yellow too many figures sport these days.

    And yeah, saw the glue issue in the macro shot. Sometimes it’s the opposite, like in my room, you can barely notice the “Feeling ill at ease” lines on Saber Lily Nendoroid’s cheeks.

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