Nankyoku Sakura by Alter

9 thoughts on “Nankyoku Sakura by Alter”

  1. This version is really nice too (I prefer the Yukata adaptation by Good Smile Company). Your picture are really beautiful, and your background….so white !! Thanks you Aka for this review ^^

    1. I think I definitely prefer this one as it seems to cater more to my fetishes than the other lol.

      Thanks for your comments on the pictures, I’ve been trying out some new techniques recently trying to get this effect done right. I’m happy someone other than me appreciates it as well 😀

  2. Had been tempted by this figure, I watched the anime and enjoyed it, a little stupid, but cute (which I really what I like in an anime), but it seems like always with Alter, there is some little thing that bugs me a lot. For her, it’s the “pupils” as they’d say in the world of DC… and even if I didn’t mind them sticking out like that, their positioning looks kind of strange…

    1. I had to parse your comments a few times to get what I think you mean. I kept thinking you meant her eyes, and kept thinking, “But they don’t stick out?”

      I think her breasts seem fine, they’re larger than I’d like for my tastes, but I don’t see anything too off putting about their placement.

      I may check out the ONA to see if she’s a likeable character. Though I fear it’ll ruin my image of her if she’s annoying lol.

  3. Ah, dammit. You had to go and do it, didn’t you? I was perfectly content with GSC’s Sakura alone but now you’ve made me want Alter’s version as well. Not that it took a whole lot of convincing, lol.

    I originally passed on Alter’s version because her skin tones looked off to me but looking at your pics the coloring looks great. Shouldn’t have doubted Alter, I guess. 😛

    Great looking figure and I’m glad the impulse paid off for you. Always a great feeling when it does. Try to remember that and not the pain of your wallet. xD

    *Goes on the hunt*

    PS. I rather like her pupils.

    1. It’s more a pain in thinking about all the hours I had to work to pay for it haha.

      Been working a lot, 60 to 84 hour weeks!!

      I enjoy when I make you buy something, it’s like karma. You ‘make’ me buy something, I ‘make’ you buy something 😀

      1. I was thinking more along the lines of “turnabout is fair play” but karma sounds nicer, lol.

        Wow Aka, that’s some serious time you’re putting in. I hope it doesn’t continue to be so tough for you, but at least you get a little extra spending cash!

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