Wishlist Week 37, 2009

Three more figures to add to my wishlist, 2 of which I’ll likely never buy and one of which I’m iffy on but enjoy sets, despite so far not yet owning a whole set of anything. I find now that I’ve broken my one and only rule it’s hard to stop myself from buying figured just because they’re cute or sexy. At least before I could tell myself no, I can’t buy that figure because I haven’t watched or played anything related to it, but no longer. I already own 4 figures from series or games I’ve never watched/played, and have even more on order. With that in mind, on with the figures!

figure-kotobukiya-ein-01Ein GA Graphic Ver.

Series: Phantom Integration
Company: SoftBank Creative (Kotobukiya)
Scale: 1/8
Release: December 2009
Price: ¥7,500 / $90 CAD
Notes: Exclusive to the SBCr Shop

Yay! An exclusive, we all love exclusives don’t we? Yes that’s right we sure do! Ugh! Regardless, there are many aspects of this figure I like, the torn clothes, the exposed tummy, the stance, the arched back and of course the short skirt. I’m not a fan of her revolver though, a more modern gun some how feels more appropriate, though I know very little about the series. In fact as of this post all I knew was that she was from Phantom Integration which is produced by Nitro+. Ein comes with 2 faces a serious and sad looking face which admittedly seems appropriate, and a happy smiling face which just makes me think she’s a kinky girl and loves her clothes being torn off, rawr!

There’s 2 aspects about this figure I’m not overly enthused about however, I don’t like brown really. Brown is nice in hair, nice in eyes, but for women’s clothes? not a fan. And the 2nd aspect, from some angles she appears very thin, and it could just be that her arms obfuscates ones view and gives the impression that she’s incredibly thin.

If this figure wasn’t an exclusive and cost around ¥5,800 / $70 CAD I’d be more inclined to buy. But at it’s current price and exclusive status, she’s not worth the attempt, which is unfortunate because Ein’s an attractive figure.

Photos from GA Graphic. Except one from Moeyo.com.

figure-kotobukiya-ein-02 figure-kotobukiya-ein-03 figure-kotobukiya-ein-04 figure-kotobukiya-ein-05 figure-kotobukiya-ein-06 figure-kotobukiya-ein-07 figure-kotobukiya-ein-08 figure-kotobukiya-ein-09 figure-kotobukiya-ein-10 figure-kotobukiya-ein-11 figure-kotobukiya-ein-12 figure-kotobukiya-ein-13 figure-kotobukiya-ein-14 figure-kotobukiya-ein-15 figure-kotobukiya-ein-16 figure-kotobukiya-ein-17 figure-kotobukiya-ein-18 figure-kotobukiya-ein-19 figure-kotobukiya-ein-20 figure-kotobukiya-ein-21 figure-kotobukiya-ein-22 figure-kotobukiya-ein-23

figure-toranoana-usami-hal-01Usami Hal

Series: The Devil on G-String
Company: Toranoana (Kotobukiya)
Scale: 1/8
Release: November 2009
Price: ¥6,000 / $72 CAD
Notes: Exclusive to Toranoana

What’s that I hear? more cheering? Yes, Usami Hal is another exclusive figure by Kotobukiya for the retailer Toranoana. I’ve mostly only ever come across Toranoana when searching on google for information on doujins so I found it surprising that they sold other merchandise.

The Devil on G-String is a visual novel by makers Akabeisoft2 and apparently had pretty decent reception in Japan if the wikipedia entry is to be believed. While I have some issues with this figure, such as her breasts being rather on the large side, overall I find her a very attractive looking character. Especially from certain angles, such as the one way up above. Usami has detachable dog ears and tail, and perhaps bone, but I’m unsure. I’m also not sure how they attach, I have suggested to others that perhaps they use magnets similar to Seena Kanon’s hat.

Usami has a more reasonable price attached to her than Ein above does and that makes her slightly more attainable. However since she’s also an exclusive, proxy services will likely be required to purchase her.

figure-toranoana-usami-hal-02 figure-toranoana-usami-hal-03 figure-toranoana-usami-hal-04 figure-toranoana-usami-hal-05 figure-toranoana-usami-hal-06 figure-toranoana-usami-hal-07 figure-toranoana-usami-hal-08 figure-toranoana-usami-hal-09

figure-gsc-yuki-morikawa-01Morikawa Yuki

Series: White Album
Company: Good Smile Company
Scale: 1/8
Release: December 2009
Price: ¥6,190 / $74 CAD
Notes: Rina to be announced October

I’ve enjoyed watching White Album the anime and look forward to season two this fall. Yuki is not my favourite character from the series, she’s kind of a boring character compared to others, especially Rina Ogata. Rina is the character I’d really like, and since she’ll be officially announced next month, I have an urge to pre-order Yuki as well and get them as a set. They can be seen standing together in the picture below and I think they look good together. Though I would prefer Rina in her casual clothes more than her concert clothes. Regardless though, they look good together and I’m interested in getting both.

Yuki has a younger more childish innocent appearance to her than Rina. Her longer skirt, little girl like shoes and almost school uniform style clothing give her a very different feel and truthfully not the feel I’m enormously interested in. She’s attractive and cute as is the outfit, but too innocent compared to Rina for me I guess.

I doubt I’ll be able to get Yuki in the bargin bin later on, but I think I may have to resort to such tactics and set her aside but still on the wishlist and hope.

figure-gsc-yuki-morikawa-02 figure-gsc-yuki-morikawa-03 figure-gsc-yuki-morikawa-04 figure-gsc-yuki-morikawa-05


  1. Guy says:

    Usami Hal looks so tempting…
    As for Yuki, I care more for her friend, Rin, I believe. Much more my style 😀

    And as for Ein, yeah on the brown. She looked even browner in her fully clothed figure. That was an elegant if drab figure.

    • Aka says:

      I agree, Rina is much more my style as well. But a set is a set.

      I didn’t really like the fully clothed version, mostly due to her very brown clothing. The Kotobukiya one is more appealing in that it’s not as brown, and of course other reasons as well.

  2. Rico-sama says:

    Ein lost me on the face. There is something that really looks off about it – particularly around her chin. I like the brown though: it’s different.

    Usami is very nice and is definitely the better of the two exclusives, but still doesn’t break into my “gotta have it” category. Delicious though. :3

    Yuki is interesting. At first I was going to pass even though it was a solid looking GSC sculpt since I am completely unfamiliar with the show. Like you though her friend Rin is making me consider buying Yuki to have both. It’s been a relatively light month for pre-orders anyway, so it might be OK.

    • Aka says:

      Really her chin? I just glanced at it and saw no issue other than, perhaps it’s too pointy? I thought her face was quite cute *shrug*

      Yeah, I feel it’s been a light month as well, and most of the figures I’m interested in have already been officially announced, these seemed interesting enough to mention though, all nice for different reasons, but none of them fall into the “gotta have it” category for sure.

      Some figures I’ll likely want that I don’t think have been announced yet official are, Kokuto Azaka from Kara no Kyoukai by Kotobukiya and Hayakawa Yuzuko from Peppermint Yuzuko by Good Smile Company. Assuming Azaka has the proper blue eyes she should, I’ll buy her for that reason alone. As for Yuzuko, that wrecking ball is just a neat addition.

      Neither have official shots yet though, just some stuff from the various events in Japan.