Review: Max Factory’s Suzumiya Haruhi Gekisou Ver

Are you ready to rawwwk?! Haruhi’s ready to rawwwk! .

I think I’ve left this figure far too long, just like Enterbrain’s Natsume Rin I’ve continually pushed this figure off. Reason? This figure is popular, mega popular, and as such has been reviewed by everyone and their mother.

And now me.


For those of you who don’t know who Suzumiya Haruhi is, you must be new, welcome to anime, I’m sure you’ll enjoy your stay. Haruhi is from a series of light novels titled after her along with a very popular anime franchise produced by Kyoto Animation, who’s currently trolling their own fans with the second season of this series. The figure itself is modelled after this image though I oft think of this image instead as it shows more of their brilliant gothic-lolita punk-rock mixed clothing and gives a better impression. Max Factory, the company who produced this figure, has also released Asahina Mikuru and Nagato Yuki in their rawwwwk attire, neither of which I purchased. I do regret having not purchased Yuki I do not regret not having purchased Mikuru however.

Haruhi is a 1/8th scale figure produced from both PVC as well as ABS plastics, measures in at approximately 210 mm high and was sculpted by Masanori Kuroda. I’m not sure if she’s slightly larger than 1/8th scale or other figures are smaller, but she does seem to give off a larger presence than other of similar scale. Her manufacturer suggested retail price was ¥7,800 / $95 CAD, though could be had for ¥5,997 / $73 CAD if you looked around. At the time I paid ¥7,366 / $85 and purchased her via Toyslogic. Some of the keen mathematicians may have noticed that the last exchange rate seems off compared to the others, and you’d be correct. I used current exchange rates for the first 2 and historic for the price I actually paid.



To be quite honest, there’s almost nothing to dislike about this figure, really. I really tried to find something to hate on so I can appear to have a ‘balanced’ review but in all honesty I’ve come up blank. So I guess that means she’s perfect right? Well, I wouldn’t go so far as to call Haruhi perfect, Haruhi’s ego needs to be kept in check, if she were to get such a boost I might fear for the world. But of course the opposite is also true, if I were to tell her she’s got some issues, well that would be very disastrous as well, what a dilemma! I think I’ll risk annihilation though and say just a few things, very minor things. The only thing actually wrong with this figure is seams, something I’ve come to expect and are barely visible on Haruhi anyway, except one. On Haruhi’s left leg above the shorter sock you can see the seam quite easily if the light is shining at 90° to the side causing some shadowing to appear. (I took no such pictures however)


Other things one could argue are wrong about this figure but aren’t valid complaints: The first of which is the pantyshot, it’s very hard to get a pantyshot with this figure when attached to the base. The angles one is forced into make it very apparent what you’re trying to accomplish and even with those angles the pantyshot isn’t worth the effort. Haruhi’s panties seem quite like a normal girls white panties and do not reveal all sorts of detail, instead are worn loosely and naturally, which to be honest is how they should be. But if this were a true complaint brought upon me, I would direct the viewer to Haruhi’s cleavage, which is easily seen and can be done without extreme angles. The other potential complaint, her guitar is not removable, making it impossible for me to hand the guitar over to Drossel for some figma fun. Oh well!

figure-max-factory-suzumiya-haruhi-39What I like, specifically

If it’s not obvious already that I like this figure, let me point out a few features that I think are the ones that have hooked me. Haruhi’s face seems spot on with the artwork on which the figure is based as well as the anime series. Her expression and proportions of eyes, nose and mouth seem just about right, perhaps making her the most accurate recreation I own so far, aside from Drossel and perhaps my Shikis. The shading detail in Haruhi’s hair is quite well done and adds some nice depth to the already superb sculpting job done in this area. I’ll admit that it’s not the most well sculpted hair I’ve seen on an anime figure, but it’s entirely fitting with the character and animation style.

figure-max-factory-suzumiya-haruhi-30Moving further down her body, there’s the pleasant cleavage already mentioned that I think I’ll add one more thought to. Her guitar strap can be seen pressing against her left breast squishing it over slightly adding a nice touch and something that I would not have held against them had they overlooked it. Moving yet further down we get to her tummy. Her tummy can only be viewed from a pretty harsh angle but reveals a very cute innie and well shaped and attractive midriff. I enjoy that her midriff is somewhat hidden by the guitar as well as it makes for yet another angle to view her from, one some may not necessarily consider at first glance either.

Going down on Haruhi, er… I mean, further down on Haruhi we get to her fluffy skirt thing and two different sizes of socks/stalkings. Being a bit into zettai ryouiki I can say that I was perhaps a little disappointed at first as her thighhigh goes up above the baseline of the skirt revealing no zettai ryouiki at all. But still liking legs I can appreciate the lower sock that displays a pleasant amount of skin as well as how her skirt lifts outwards a bit more there due to no guitar pressing down against it.

figure-max-factory-suzumiya-haruhi-38 figure-max-factory-suzumiya-haruhi-37figure-max-factory-suzumiya-haruhi-40

That’s it

I think that’s enough praise for Max Factory’s Haruhi, you agree? Maybe a little more, she appears to be produced well in just about every manner, even her guitar which I think I forgot to mention is well shaded and even has strings. I think that brings up my biggest complaint of all though, she’s so good that I’m kicking myself for not getting the whole set, even though I don’t like Mikuru that much, the whole set surely must be as well produced as Haruhi. Well as they say, snooze you lose. Perhaps next year I’ll start looking for Yuki on eBay, I’d do so currently, but I’ve already made way too many purchases between now and the end of the year. Why doesn’t money grow on a tree that only I possess? (If it grew on all trees, inflation would be huge).

Btw, the guitar is an Italia Mondial II Woody



  • Darn near perfectly executed
  • Attractive asymmetrical goth-punk appearance
  • One of the most accurate to artwork figures I own


  • Some barely visible seamsin her legs



  1. Guy says:

    I love this figure.

    Basically, this figure is a (gothic-)punk fashion model. If you disagree, just compare her to Gothic-Punk Mikuru, and I love that sort of outfits, especially on models. And yeah, great Haruhi face.

  2. Leonia says:

    This figure is a marvel, as Yuki and Mikuru of the same range Gekiso / Extravaganze. Paint, sculpture, dynamics, everything is good! I find that they are the best adaptations of the characters (even if they are not faithful to the anime). Beautiful photos! Congratulation!

  3. Rico-sama says:

    What the hell is Taniguchi wearing in that image. O.o I don’t think I can un-see that. That said, Max Factory needs to make the rest of the girls. Now. :3

    This is one of the best renditions of Haruhi period. As you say the face is spot on and the coloring and detailing are simply superb. It also does the best job of portraying her character.

    LOL on the difficulty in getting the panty shot. I think I would’ve preferred something more flashy, but oh well.

    I love those alternate lighting shots you did. Did you use a photo filter or did you get a light of that color?

  4. Aka says:

    Lots of praise I see, good stuff.

    @Leonia, it’s too bad that the best Haruhi figure isn’t faithful to the anime. Perhaps reminds me of some of the Evangelion figures, so many of them have no relation to the anime series at all. At least Haruhi follows with official merchandise though.

    @Rico, would you be surprised if I told you it was my normal lights, some rolled up paper, and some plastic bags? Used the rolled up paper to direct the light into more of a spotlight, then just covered the light with a red or blue plastic bag. That’s it!

    Flashier panties would have been nice I suppose, but some realism isn’t bad either.

    Would be nice if Max Factory made the rest, but I kinda rather they wouldn’t, it’d be too expensive for me!

    • Rico-sama says:

      Wow, I am surprised! I’ve tried using rolled paper too but haven’t quite gotten that effect. The plastic bag was a stroke of genius though. Might have to steal borrow and give due credit that idea. 😀

      • Aka says:

        I used pretty thick paper, more like bristol board. Normal paper is too thin and lets far too much light through it.

        I’d originally gone out looking for a smaller set of lights to make into a spot light, but after being unable to find such a light (cheaply) I came home and rummaged around my room looking for anything I could use. One was a red plastic bag and the other was a blue plastic file folder.

  5. Lylibellule says:

    This Haruhi is the one I bought without hesitation (I’m not a fan of the anime).
    This figure is beautifully done. The guitar is very realistic. It’s impressive.
    I like your last 3 photos on a black background.
    Good review 😉