Review: Max Factory’s Seena Kanon

More and more often I’m breaking my one and only rule in regard to collecting anime figures. I really do try though, I try not to buy figures from series I’ve never seen or played, honest. But I get tempted and buying is too easy now-a-days. Just click and it’s bought, no exchange of physical currency, no immediate indication that one has given up anything in exchange for the item. That’s how I purchased this figure here today, she was on sale at YesAsia with free shipping as well, I couldn’t resist and a few seconds later the figure was purchased and soon on it’s way. So soon in fact I thought it was another figure I’d ordered, arrived in record time just 3 days!

A sense of scale…


She’s big. For 1/7th scale, she’s a big girl. I’m not sure what her height is supposed to be in Shining Wind, but I think the scale on Seena is a bit off, perhaps she’s between 1/6 and 1/7th, but with some poor measurements and calc.exe I guesstimate her height to be 190 cm / 6’2″ based on 1/7th scale. If one assumes she’s 1/6th scale however, her height seems to fall in-line with just about every figure I own, around 160 cm / 5’2″. The most useful measurement of all though for fellow coke fiends might be a 591 mL / 20 fl.oz coke bottle and standard issue can. Bent over as she is, she’s just as tall as the coke bottle (including her base) and the coke can comes up to just below the rear of her skirt. Personally, I prefer to think of her as being 1/6th scale, otherwise she’d tower over me and I can’t have that.



The most obvious deficiency Seena has is her skirt, the rear of it is far too short. She would be better off removing the skirt entirely as at that length it provides very little combat protection. I can wish right? Anyway, there’s not really many issues with her. Some seams are visible (barely) in her legs, front and back, though her right leg has better hidden the seam than her left. Following the seam up her right leg to her rear-end there’s a bit of a bump from the mold perhaps, but just like the seams isn’t very obvious unless you’re looking. I think the biggest issue I can find on her is some odd colouring on the front of her shirt under the armour on the right side. It looks sort of like a mark tape leaves when the glue has remained after peeling and various little bits have stuck on. However touching it does not give off the same feel, so I’m not really sure what it is.

figure-max-factory-seena-kanon-22The Upside…

There are many upsides to this figure, one’s already been mentioned of course, and we’ll get to that again shortly. Seenas posture is somewhat odd, as I can’t really figure out why she’d be in such a position while holding a sword. But none the less it provides us with many attractive attributes, such as the arching of her back, a nice perspective on her breasts, as well as a wide stance and expression that says she’s excited and ready to go. Go do what you say? Uh er… The detail in her clothes is quite well done both in paint and sculpt. You can tell what’s supposed to be metal and what’s not. Though one has to wonder why she has metal in some of the places she does, as it tends not to be the most flexible of materials.

figure-max-factory-seena-kanon-27Continuing on the sculpting of her clothes, Seena has a flower sculpted into both thigh-highs up nearest the top, though it’s mostly fake sculpting. I say fake because it’s just some bumps in key places with paint applied around it to give some appearance of embroidering on her thigh-highs, it’s actually quite effective. Her boots are quite high though seemingly plain in some ways, but shaded rather well with some sculpting in to help out. I must say though, the top of her boots feel like they could have done with more sculpting or shading as even her thigh-highs have some decent shading.

Seena’s face is well sculpted and cute, her brown eyes very lovely. Her mouth though, appears perhaps too pink and could use a bit more red to darken it a touch. Her hat is somewhat neat in that it’s held on by a magnet, so there’s no holes in her head and no bumps in the hat, allowing you to place it in a variety of ways around her head, not just a set place.

…The Finish

Overall Seena feels like a good impulse purchase. She’s cute and seemingly outgoing, an awkward pose perhaps but attractive for sure. I don’t think her armour would really help her much in a fight, but perhaps she’s so good she doesn’t need it. Having never paid any attention to Shining Wind aside from the artwork by Tony Taka, I have no idea what she even does in the series. Whatever she does I’m sure it must be great, as many a manufacturer has produced a figure in her image, though only 2 are worthy of mention and I’ve got one already and the other is pre-ordered. Well I guess that about sums it up, good figure indeed.

I feel like I’m forgetting something…


A Short Story…

Ah! Here it is, this is what I was forgetting, Seena’s wonderfully sculpted rear. You can even feel the stripes on her panties, not that I did that of course. Drossel on the other hand, she gave Seena a good close inspection to confirm the niceness of her bum. Drossel confessed to me a detailed characterization of Seenas rear to which I couldn’t disagree. She then proceeded to steal Seenas hat, the little mischief-maker.





  • Large 1/7th scale, more likely 1/6th
  • Well sculpted overall
  • Good paintwork for the most part
  • Shimapan!


  • Some minor seams
  • Minor paint mark on her shirt



  1. Guy says:

    This is the bootilicious version of Seena.
    A skirt not made of mail is not going to provide protection anyway 😉

    As for why she’s in this posture, well, it’s for the same reason I love almost all Shining Wind/Tears models (and most are made by Kotokubiya, especially the delicious ones): They’ve been designed by Tony Taka. Her posture here is based on an original drawing of hers. I’m sure you can find it on moe.imouto or safebooru or one of them sites…
    Her skirt is not too short, it’s just long enough to tantalize you in her pictures.
    And I bought that Tony Taka artbook, with my friend buying it, and shipping it, etc. it all added up to $80 or so, but it was worth every penny.

    Also, don’t remember, aside from her base, you also measured her hat. But I guess she’s still too big.

    • Aka says:

      Quite bootilicious indeed. I have to admit, I was just having a bit of fun with the coke bottle/can measurements and comments about the length of her skirt. Though when I did my measurements, I did not measure her base, I used a ruler and some math to guesstimate some things. For example, if her legs were enormous, she might actually work out to the right size, since I based a lot off the size of her legs.

      Tony Taka has some wonderful artwork, I didn’t realize this was also based on one of his drawings. But of course that would make a lot of sense! Looking through danbooru I see that it’s likely to be this picture, which I never thought of due to not seeing the rest of her. But her pose is definitely the same as in this picture. Thanks for pointing that out!

      I’ve collected a lot of Tony Taka artwork (digitally) over the years, but I guess I missed this one.

      • Guy says:

        That’s the one.

        I also have a lot of his, and others’ art on my computer. His is the first anime artbook I buy, though I have several others, and also a couple of my mom’s from the early 80s I think, which are crazy and cool.

        • Aka says:

          I’ve only purchased a few anime related books, such as Range Murata’s Robot books, though I was hoping they contained more of his art than they do. I bought the english translated copies off Only ~$15 a piece, not bad, and got free shipping.

  2. Rico-sama says:

    Scales are meaningless. MEANINGLESS, I say!

    This is a very striking figure. Great colors, beautiful face, fantastically imaginative outfit, and striped panties to top it all off. 😀 I now see why people prefer this Max Factory one over the upcoming one from Orchid Seed. I wonder if I can squeeze this one into my budget.

    PS. Drossel likes striped pantsu, doesn’t she? 😀

    • Aka says:

      Yeah, scales tend to be mostly meaningless. But usually, in my limited experience anyway, they tend to work out to somewhere around the 160 cm mark for height using their scale.

      I actually like the Orchid Seed version better, so far anyway. Maybe once I compare the two side by side I’ll change opinions. But I like Orchid Seeds version because of the black thighhighs, the plaid kilt, the position of her legs, and the length of her hair.

      I think Drossel prefers striped pantsu for sure, and she certainly enjoys a well shaped bottom.

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