Drossel Loves U2

Poor Drossel’s pretty mad at me today. She found the tickets sitting on my desk and well, you see, I didn’t take her with me to the concert. I feel really bad about it now because, apparently, and I just found this out today but, Drossel’s favourite band is U2 and she’s always wanted to go to one of their concerts before she destroys all of humanity. How could I have know this? Drossel’s blaming me but she never once mentioned U2, there’s no way for me to have known. Besides she didn’t seem the concert going type, but I guess I’ll have to make it up to her sometime in the future, some how.

-Aka (and an angry Drossel)

Here’s the original in case anyone got the idea I got a new fancy head for Drossel, sorry to say but I didn’t, just the wonders of Photoshop (it’s obvious right?).