Suzumiya Haruhi Gekisou Ver. by Max Factory

7 thoughts on “Suzumiya Haruhi Gekisou Ver. by Max Factory”

  1. I love this figure.

    Basically, this figure is a (gothic-)punk fashion model. If you disagree, just compare her to Gothic-Punk Mikuru, and I love that sort of outfits, especially on models. And yeah, great Haruhi face.

  2. This figure is a marvel, as Yuki and Mikuru of the same range Gekiso / Extravaganze. Paint, sculpture, dynamics, everything is good! I find that they are the best adaptations of the characters (even if they are not faithful to the anime). Beautiful photos! Congratulation!

  3. What the hell is Taniguchi wearing in that image. O.o I don’t think I can un-see that. That said, Max Factory needs to make the rest of the girls. Now. :3

    This is one of the best renditions of Haruhi period. As you say the face is spot on and the coloring and detailing are simply superb. It also does the best job of portraying her character.

    LOL on the difficulty in getting the panty shot. I think I would’ve preferred something more flashy, but oh well.

    I love those alternate lighting shots you did. Did you use a photo filter or did you get a light of that color?

  4. Lots of praise I see, good stuff.

    @Leonia, it’s too bad that the best Haruhi figure isn’t faithful to the anime. Perhaps reminds me of some of the Evangelion figures, so many of them have no relation to the anime series at all. At least Haruhi follows with official merchandise though.

    @Rico, would you be surprised if I told you it was my normal lights, some rolled up paper, and some plastic bags? Used the rolled up paper to direct the light into more of a spotlight, then just covered the light with a red or blue plastic bag. That’s it!

    Flashier panties would have been nice I suppose, but some realism isn’t bad either.

    Would be nice if Max Factory made the rest, but I kinda rather they wouldn’t, it’d be too expensive for me!

    1. Wow, I am surprised! I’ve tried using rolled paper too but haven’t quite gotten that effect. The plastic bag was a stroke of genius though. Might have to steal borrow and give due credit that idea. 😀

      1. I used pretty thick paper, more like bristol board. Normal paper is too thin and lets far too much light through it.

        I’d originally gone out looking for a smaller set of lights to make into a spot light, but after being unable to find such a light (cheaply) I came home and rummaged around my room looking for anything I could use. One was a red plastic bag and the other was a blue plastic file folder.

  5. This Haruhi is the one I bought without hesitation (I’m not a fan of the anime).
    This figure is beautifully done. The guitar is very realistic. It’s impressive.
    I like your last 3 photos on a black background.
    Good review 😉

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