Natsume Rin by EnterBrain

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  1. I had the same problem with the jacket color rubbing off onto Rin’s leg as you. It’s a shame that an otherwise fantastic figure suffered so much in the finishing department. :/

    After all this time and my own review, I hadn’t noticed the lack of shading in her skirt until you mentioned it. Now I can’t help but see it every time I look at her. XD

    Interesting thoughts on the changes from Key’s usual style to the figure. Like you I vastly prefer Kyoto’s take on the designs, and am happy that the sculptor toned Key’s style down for the figure.

    1. I think knowing the scuffing issue with the jacket, I should have placed the packing plastic on her leg when I re-attached her arm. But it didn’t occur to me until after the mark was already there.

      So a note to anyone who plans to get this figure in the future, always always place the plastic wrap between her leg and arm when removing/attaching. This should reduce the paint swapping on her leg.

      I wish they’d have shaded the skirt a little bit, it really stood out at me when I placed her in amongst all the lights. I imagine I wouldn’t have noticed so much if I didn’t light her up from multiple sides, the folds in the skirt would have cast a bit of a shadow and hidden the missing shading. But really, I always rush when taking the pictures, it gets way too hot with all the lights even though they’re CFLs.

      1. I usually opt to keep the lights further away than you do so I don’t worry about the heat. The flip side is I don’t get nearly as sharp an image and don’t get as much good contrast as you do.

        I wish Tsuki-Board had info like “jacket scuffs leg” in there database.

      2. You can make a request in the Suggestions discussion for a feature like that. kumasanmk is usually pretty good and quite quick at implementing new suggestions, I’ve made a few myself.

        – Search for the Sale section
        – Tag aliases

        As well as a few that after some discussion weren’t implemented. Such as attaching a blog post as a review to a figure, and changing how the site parses RSS feeds for new posts. I suggested making it like pingomatic and would only update when we actually made a post, as opposed to checking the site hourly. But some blog software don’t offer this feature so some people would have been left out. And the blog attaching thing was decided against because I could just post a snippet of my blog and link back to mysite to read the rest if I wanted.

        As for the lighting, I meant more the heat for myself, not the figure, I’m usually pretty close to the lights while I shoot and it seems to get pretty warm. Though the figure might be getting quite warm as well, it’s never really been my concern though. I think I would put the lights further away if I could though, but I’m limited to the space on my desk, as it’s the only place I can really do the pictures. I need to find a better solution in the future.

      3. Haha, I didn’t even consider the impact of the heat on you. Do you have any floor lamps you could use instead?

        Re Tsuki-board: That’s good to know. I’ll try making my suggestion to kumasanmk. Another one I’d like to see an option to “hide” tags on our profiles; I’d like to see how my tag-cloud looks without the giant “female”.

        Just need to pull myself away from Aion this week long enough to do it. That’s the tough part. >,<

      4. Nah, no room for floor lamps on the one side of the desk, and no where to store them.

        My friend was talking about trying out Aion… maybe I should tell him it’s a bad idea.

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