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  1. They also have a lot of experience performing, being so old 😉

    I didn’t know they had a new album either. Surprising, as my favourite radio channel wouldn’t miss airing it. Can only think they didn’t release any singles yet, which would be weird.

    1. blink-182 isn’t eactly young either you know. Sure they haven’t been around 30 years like U2, but blinks been around since 1992.

      The new album came out in February of this year apparently.

      Some other neat bits I didn’t know while posting.

      – 62,000 people were at the concert last night
      – The stage is 90 feet high and supports 180 tonnes of equipment.
      – The stage takes 4 days to construct and 2 to disassemble

      One thing I’d like to know about concerts is their power draw, just how much power does it take to run all the equipment and speakers. It’s surely a mind boggling number.

  2. Great review. This review gave me a real feel for the concert without the pain of parking my car and going through security.

    I could not go (to be more precise I could not afford to go) to see the Boston concert today (9/20/09) or tomorrow.

    I have never heard of Snow Patrol, I’m going to check them out on YouTube tonight.


    1. Glad I could help, re-reading it I think I was still on my concert high there, but it definitely was an amazing show, it’s too bad you couldn’t attend.

      The security wasn’t too bad actually, and it really made me wish I’d brought my DSLR, they’d have probably let me in with it and I could have gotten much better pictures.

      I’d heard of Snow Patrol previously, but they were a one hit wonder so far as I was concerned, but after hearing them live, I can’t get them out of my head (along with U2). Both great acts!

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