Review: Kotobukiya’s Zange

Nagi and Zange, ~66% of the set. I never purchased Tsugumi, and I semi-regret that now, but only because I don’t have a complete set. These two ’sisters’ look quite cute together, much better than on their own I think. Nagi was fine on her own, but Zange I don’t like so much by herself, despite her appealing bum. I’ve never been a fan of the bunnygirl, their tails are too short but I’ll give them cute for their floppy bunny ears.


Nagi and Zange have been modelled after an illustration by Takenashi Eri, Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maiden’s author. There are some minor differences in the two, I suspect to give them appeal individually as well as in a set. The biggest difference can be seen in Nagi’s legs. Their arrangement restricts the placement of Zange thus not allowing the ‘proper’ positioning of Zange to reproduce the art. I wont talk too much about Nagi though, as I’ve already reviewed her previously. Having not purchased Aoba Tsugumi, I can’t really make any claims about her, except I didn’t find her figure very attractive in the first place.

Kotobukiya chose to scale these figures at 1/7th which puts Zange at perhaps 15 cm from hands to ear tips and 19 cm from heels to hair. Zange’s MSRP was listed as ¥7,140 / $94 CAD at the time of release, however due to discounts and exchange rates by the time my Zange shipped I paid $60 CAD plus shipping. It’s really nice when exchange rates work in my favour.

…What I think

Back when I pre-ordered Zange my expectations weren’t as high as they are now. By the time Zange had shipped, I’d already purchased a number of very well done figures and really started to get a grasp of what to look for in a figure. Unfortunately, Zange started to lose some appeal after this. The pictures I started to see around the internets led me to believe the quality wasn’t as high as I originally thought. However upon receiving her and comparing her to the original illustration, she seems well matched for the most part, which means I don’t feel so bad about her anymore.

The paintwork on the figure is nothing to brag about it’s pretty bland, but it does match up to the illustration. I don’t see any issues with the paintwork, though some issues with the sculpt. If you lay Zange on her side and look at her neck, it seems very oddly shaped, but this is not visible unless you do this so it’s not really an issue. Other issues are some minor issues in her hair, seam work and such, she’s well sculpted to match the illustration.

The best part of Zanges sculpt is by far her bum. It seems to be the most detailed part of the figure. The material of her clothes are quite tight and fold in a very appealing manner, advertising the shape of Zange’s bum for all to see. Not something that was in the original illustration, in the original illustration we see the material between her cheeks but we only see some shading of the material to indicate anything. Kudos to Kotobukiya for taking the artistic initiative in this key location on Zange.


Overall I’m content with Zange, she matches her illustration as she should and she’s pretty appealing in most ways. Except her breasts, but that’s just because Zange’s breasts have left the range of size I find appealing. But I wont hold that against her. Despite how well I feel she matches her illustration, I am somewhat indifferent about her. She’s got the appeal, but still there’s something more I wish she had but I can’t put my finger on it.

Oh yeah, unfortunatelly all my pictures seem to have been taken on an overcast day. I couldn’t get it right.

…Some Fun

Drossel is so much fun to play with, such a good sport, always willing to pose for me however I want. If only the other girls would do that for me these photoshoots could be pretty interesting then.


  • Good price with the exchange rate
  • Rather nice bottom
  • Soft pillow base that fits all three figures in the set


  • Large breasts



  1. Rico-sama says:

    “Kudos to Kotobukiya for taking the artistic initiative in this key location on Zange.”

    Knew they were perverts. XD Best thing I’ve read all day. 😀

    You said you couldn’t get the pictures right, but the skin tones on your Zange looked like they turned out better than mine. Not that there is a difference in the actual figures, but I think it’s due to the backgrounds we used.

    Having Tsugumi I can confirm (knowing your tastes) that she is indeed the weakest of the bunch. Doesn’t even fit all that well in the “scene” with the other two.

    Oh, and those shots with Drossel are just amazing! I think the one where she’s hugging Zange’s bum is the best but the one where Drossel’s reclining on her is cute too!

    (Thinks he needs to get himself a Drossel now.)

    • Aka says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed that line. Kotobukiya definitely has some pervs in the bunch. Good stuff.

      My main issue with the pictures was more consistency between lenses, as well as the grey background. I always aim to get as white a background as I can without ruining the figure’s colouring and shading. This sequence seemed like they were more grey in the background than I wanted. I suspect this is due to how large Nagi and Zange are together, causing the light to be dispursed over more surface. The two lenses also had wildly varying characteristics that I’m not used to, since I almost exclusively use my 18-70mm for this sort of thing. But I wanted some shallow DOF, but still didn’t really get the effect desired. I’ll keep tinkering though.

      I feel good you say that about Tsugumi, sounds poor of me, but it means I made the right call not purchasing her. Zange and Nagi work well enough together anyway I think.

      I think I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, Drossel is just way too cute and fun. She’s pretty easily balanced without her base, which means you can think up some fun things. I’ve got another picture lined up for another review as well. I don’t think it’s as good as Drossel hugging Zanges bum, but still fun I think. I think the Drossel pics are so much more interesting than the rest of the review, perhaps distractingly so. Maybe I should have given them their own post.

      (Yes, you should.)

      • Rico-sama says:

        I forget, do you use a back-light behind your background? If not I find that sometimes helps. It also reduces the exposure time needed to get that nice white color you talk about. Downside is that too much will make the figures take on a high contrast look.

        I like mid-sized chests (I gather you like smaller ones) so I was looking forward to Tsugumi after seeing what the perverts had done with Zange, but they opted for a cuter execution on Tsugumi and she didn’t have near the “artistic initiative”. She is the cutest though.

        I don’t know if they’re more interesting, but they are a lot of fun! 😀

        (I would’ve already but she’s sold out nearly everywhere. 🙁 )

  2. Lylibellule says:

    Drossel takes a break … your photos are really fun. Good idea.

    I have had no attraction for these 2 digits to their pre-order, but after seeing photos and reading your article I am tempted to buy them soon.

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