Review: Kotobukiya’s Sill Plain

I’m never sure with translations if names are correct or engrish-ified. For example, Holo or Horo. I prefer Horo, but Holo seems to be the version the Japanese have chosen to use. So with Sill Plain, I have to wonder, what on earth is this name supposed to be? Google translates her name as Shiiru Prine. AliceSoft wiki has her as both Sill Plain and Shiiru Purain, none of these seem like names. The series itself even suffers from some mild identity issues as well, Sengoku Rance/Sengoku Lance. Surely it must be Lance, right? riiight? *sigh*


I’m going to cut to the chase today, I’m not too happy with this figure. I bought her on the information that she was cast-off, which helped justify her price of ¥6,800 / $75 CAD. However, when Sill arrived and I couldn’t get her clothes off (lol), I decided it was time to translate the page and see if there was any information available. Turns out a translation wasn’t required, had I just read the only english on the page “At your own risk”I would have known something was up.

It would seem that despite the appearance of her clothes, Kotobukiya does not intend you to remove them. As I was trying to figure out how to remove them, I noticed that it seemed as if they were glued together which indeed they are. Sill will seperate at just above her panties, if you pull really hard. I have yet to accomplish this however, no matter how hard I pull, she doesn’t seem to budge. Maybe because I’m not Rance she wont remove her clothes for me, but I bought her fair and square, she really should listen to me, she is a love slave afterall.


That’s not all the problems though. On her right leg just above her thighhighs there’s a molding defect visible along the seam, which is also visible. On the topic of seams, those seams in her clothes, the ones that should be removable, are just ugly seams now. They serve no other purpose than to detract from the figures appearance. They follow all the way through her sleeves, as well as one down her back. The seams in her skirt however are decently hidden in comparison.

…Saving Face

Sill’s not all bad though, her vibrantly blue eyes contrast well with her light pink hair, her hair is uniquely styled as well with that big puff out the back. Sill’s frame appears petit below her generously sized clothing, slender arms visible between the gaps in her clothing, as well as slender legs extending down from her skirt. Which is conveniently short I might add and along with thighhighs creates some nice zettai ryouiki. Sill’s skirt also seems to help accentuate her figure which has unfortunately been hidden under some thick clothing.

figure-kotobukiya-sill-plain-18Pose wise Sill is fairly simplistic but has some nice attributes. The arching of her back forces her chest outwards as well as the rear of her skirt upwards revealing both her panties and her appealing rear-end. The tilt of her head and angle of her eyes makes Sill seem playful. Sill’s hair and clothes seem to be blowing in the wind, the hair on the right side of her head extends outwards with the pull of the wind, along with her sleeves and skirt. One thing I don’t really understand about the pose is how her legs cross over, it just strikes me as odd given the rest of the pose.

There are some differences between the pre-production version and that of the production. The one I noticed first was the design of her panties (lol). On the pre-production version she has similar gold edging as her fingerless gloves, however on the production version they’re just simple white panties. Another difference is in those ugly gaps, they are much better in the production version than the pre-production. Since they’ve glued them all together the gaps stay finer, though still apparent. Lastly is the base, I suppose this is one of those things they change often and may even be expected some times. But regardless, the base has gone from a clear piece of what looks like plexiglas to a redish transparent base.

figure-kotobukiya-sill-plain-34Something that was strange to me was the fact Sill came already attached to her base. In fact, she’s screwed to her base! Now, it’s just a phillips head screw so she’s easily removable if required, but still odd I thought. I don’t think any of the figures I’ve received to date have had a screw in them, I wonder what the reason for it is. Maybe due to her pose as she’d easily wobble left/right and needed to be secured tight on the base to prevent issues from arising.


Now I suppose I can’t blame Kotobukiya for my assumptions from a foreign blog post, but I can blame them for their painfully obvious seams and faults. Kotobukiya, if you weren’t going to release this as a cast-off figure, then why did you make such poor design choices? Additionally, $75 CAD is pretty steep for 1/8th scale Kotobukiya figure, all my other Kotobukiya figures with the exception of Nagi, have been $10-20 cheaper than this figure. It doesn’t make very much sense for this figure to cost as much as 1/7 scale Nagi or more than 1/8 scale Horo, I don’t understand it. If Sill was similarly priced to most other Kotobukiya figures, approximately ¥1,000 / $11 CAD cheaper on MSRP, and the seams were better hidden, Sill would have been an excellent figure. Definitely not a 5 for sure, but I think a solid 4 would have been acceptable. Unfortunately this means I’ve got to give her a 3, and in reality that’s a 2.5 in my mind, but a 3 because I feel 2.5 is too harsh a rating for something that was partly my mistake.

A total perv who can’t remove clothes…



  • Overall attractive appearance
  • Nice bum and zettai ryouiki
  • Good paintwork throughout


  • Doesn’t cast off like it appears she does, massive seam lines all over the place
  • Other assorted molding defects
  • Too expensive



  1. Guy says:

    For those who want to see her naked.

    I considered upgrading her score a bit once I saw she was cast-off, but now that I understand she’s not really, she definitely earned her spot on a negative note on my first Figure Friday post.
    Though I’m glad to see her seam-lines are slightly less noticeable, and her rear is well sculpted, ahem.

    Though I wonder what’s up with the huge gap in her belly above her panties if you remove her clothes.
    This figure deserves a second edition, to fix it, to give it some chance.

    • Aka says:

      Guy, I already posted that link near the top of the review, in the second sentence after the “Disappointment” header 🙂

      I’m pretty sure that the gap between her panties and tummy is due to the fact you really have to tear her apart to get her to cast-off. Looking at mine from the little areas that I can, she looks very much tightly sealed together in that area, no large gap like those that have managed to get her to cast-off.

      Even if this figure were to get a second chance, I certainly wouldn’t buy her again. I’ve already spent more than I really wished to.

      • Guy says:

        Oh, sorry, I wasn’t sure, since the panties provided were different 😉

        I’m sure you wouldn’t get a second version. I hope a revision comes forth for the sake of the poor figure 😉

        Though to be honest, I expressed this thought before but maybe it was just in my mind. Her top is too bulky, even if it was perfectly made, seam-line wise, it still wouldn’t have looked good.

        • Aka says:

          I agree with you, her top is too bulky. But I felt it was due to the cast-off ability that required it to be larger. Now with the cast-off ability a lie or misinformation, the size of her clothing is far too bulky for sure.

  2. Rico-sama says:

    Well damn. I hadn’t actually pre-ordered Sill (or whatever her name actually is) yet and I’m likely not after finding out she’s not cast off. :/

    Kotobukiya, if you weren’t going to release this as a cast-off figure, then why did you make such poor design choices?

    I agree with that and what Guy said about the top being too bulky wholeheartedly. I was willing to look past it when I thought she was cast off – in fact it made total sense why it would be thicker – but as is? No, definitely too think.

    That said, in looking at your pics, I can’t really believe Kotobukiya would make those types of poor design choices. They are too good a company for that. Maybe this is one of those rare instances where the figure was designed to function in a certain way, but the higher-ups decided against it somewhere along the line?

    Sorry the figure didn’t turn out like you thought. Always sucks when that happens. >.<

    • Aka says:

      Yeah I was remembering that story I think you’d found on DannyChoo’s site about cast-off figures glued together as I wrote this. Also was thinking about how you’d said you were maybe going to buy the figure as well.

      All said though, I think the pictures turned out well… at least something did.

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