Recent Orders as of Week 34

This post contains it all, awesome, perversion, compromised morals and even nudity! Ok well actually I didn’t post any nudity, but there’s links to some, honest! Five figures I’ve recently ordered and am looking forward to purchasing.


Series: Canaan
Company: Good Smile Company
Scale: 1/8
Release: January 2010
Price: ¥8,800 / $102 CAD

Released just today for order one of the things that stands out most about this figure is Canaans action pose. It’s very dynamic and exciting, even more so than my Tohsaka Rin’s dynamic state, and very much fitting of her character from the series. The paint and shading of the figure look phenomenal, just about everywhere looks correct. Of course these are promotional photos so one can’t be too sure how much the colours and contrast have been altered to produce these wonderful images. But regardless I can’t praise the figure enough, even with the unpainted pre-production pictures, I wanted this figure.

Obvious fear, leaning. She’s supported by her left leg with just one post. I’m sure GSC has used different materials in her to reduce the possibility of leaning, but one has to wonder with such a pose.

Looks like GSC will also be releasing another figure from this series soon as well. I’ll have to order her as well so I can reproduce the image they’re based on.

figure-gsc-canaan-01 figure-gsc-canaan-02 figure-gsc-canaan-03 figure-gsc-canaan-04

figure-orchid-seed-seena-01Seena Kanon

Series: Shining Wind
Company: Orchid Seed
Scale: 1/7
Release: November 2009
Price: ¥7,800 / $90 CAD

Originally a piece of artwork (Original) by the games character designer, Tony Taka, Orchid Seed seems to have produced a pretty accurate 3D recreation. When I first saw this figure I thought she was cute, but I didn’t think she was Seena Kanon from Shining Wind. I thought she might have been from another game or maybe just a piece of artwork, I did however know she had to have been designed after something Tony Taka had done. His art style is pretty unique to him.

The main reason I didn’t think this was Seena was due to the long hair, previous incarnations of Seena figures by Max Factory and Kotobukiya both had short hair. I’m not sure if something happens in the games, perhaps a time skip, but oh well.

Having never purchased an Orchid Seed figure I’m a tad worried about quality, as I seem to be with everything new. But the pictures I’ve seen from various events along with the promotional photos, I feel pretty confident. I like the unique base, as well as her pose. Her pose seems to incite some rather impure thoughts but is also tame enough to be displayed on my shelf. A good mix for sure. Also, they’re striped. The promotional photos don’t include such a picture, but I tell you, they’re striped ;).

figure-orchid-seed-seena-02 figure-orchid-seed-seena-03 figure-orchid-seed-seena-04 figure-orchid-seed-seena-06 figure-orchid-seed-seena-07 figure-orchid-seed-seena-08

figure-megahouse-sora-01Kasugano Sora

Series: Yosuganosora
Company: Megahouse
Release: December 2009
Price: ¥6,800 / $79 CAD

Moral compromising, that’s what this figure is. I’ve seriously compromised my morals in pre-ordering this figure I think. She’s very cute though and I couldn’t resist. This is another company I’ve never purchased from previously, Megahouse. I’m pretty confident for the most part, though I have a few issues.

With some of the pictures out there of this figure, you can see what look like gaps between her upper left leg and swimsuit. as well as another gap between her midriff and her swimsuit bottoms. But in more recent photo it doesn’t seem as apparent as it did in the originals, which is good.

This is yet another figure based on a piece of artwork, a ‘stick poster’ by Hashimoto Takashi (Original size, very large) whom I believe was the character designer for the game. I think the most obvious thing lost in the translation from image to figure can be seen in her face. Notably her expression and blushing, they seem to differ greatly. Another thing is the towel she’s holding, it seems very narrow compared to the artwork, and you can notice a seem, likely where it comes apart to be removed.

Some good points on this figure though are some of the details in the sculpting, sometimes in places you’d likely not think of. Such as the back of her knees, they seem quite detailed compared to some other figures, or the base of her back just above her bum seems to have some nice detail work. So some ups and downs with this figure, hopefully I’m happy with it when she arrives. Tons more pictures available at AkibaHobby.

figure-megahouse-sora-02 figure-megahouse-sora-03figure-megahouse-sora-04 figure-megahouse-sora-05

figure-kotobukya-asuka-01Shikinami Asuka Langley

Series: Rebuild of Evangelion
Company: Kotobukiya
Scale: 1/6
Release: October 2009
Price: ¥6,800 / $79 CAD

I almost feel as if I was talked into buying this figure by Rico over on Polyvinyl Crush (What else is new? :P). But I don’t think I was, I’ve been trying to find a set of Evangelion figures that I like and this one stumbled along and piqued my interest. Overall it seems well done, and being a larger scale is also quite nice. Maybe she’ll stand out enough to drag one’s eyes off the figure above and forget how morally compromising it is.

I think my biggest problem with this figure is Asuka’s bum. It’s enormous. Seriously, I think that plugsuit makes your butt look big Asuka, you can’t possibly have such a large bum. Is it just me who sees this?

Anyway, I like the shape of her face and the design of the base. The colouring seems about right as well, though perhaps her face looks a bit pale against that beige-ish seeming background.

figure-kotobukya-asuka-02 figure-kotobukya-asuka-03 figure-kotobukya-asuka-04 figure-kotobukya-asuka-05 figure-kotobukya-asuka-06 figure-kotobukya-asuka-07 figure-kotobukya-asuka-08figure-kotobukya-asuka-09 figure-kotobukya-asuka-10figure-kotobukya-asuka-12

figure-kotobukya-sill-plain-01Sill Plain

Series: Sengoku Rance
Company: Kotobukya
Scale: 1/8
Release: August 2009
Price: ¥6,800 / $79 CAD
Notes: Cast-off

Sill has already shipped and likely will be arriving next week or so. But I figured while I was at it I’d put her in here anyway. I was on the border with this figure for a while. I loved the vibrantly pink hair and colours compared to a lot of figures I have and thought it would be a nice contrast. I always thought when looking at her sleeves that they must come off due to that seam and sure enough they do, and her skirt too. Though she has white panties on underneath she’s still topless.

Despite the cast-offability though I prefer her clothed, she’s much more vibrant that way and I’m a fan of zettai ryouiki. Additionally there’s a nasty gap between her midriff and panties. Sill has a very simple pose and a strange green thing in her hair, and what seem like overly blue eyes. Also, sandals and thighhighs? seems strange, like Grandpa wearing socks in sandals, except a bajillion times cuter.

I don’t have any of the cast off pictures as there are none in the official shots, however Akibahobby has some with their review.

figure-kotobukya-sill-plain-02 figure-kotobukya-sill-plain-03 figure-kotobukya-sill-plain-04 figure-kotobukya-sill-plain-05 figure-kotobukya-sill-plain-06figure-kotobukya-sill-plain-07 figure-kotobukya-sill-plain-08 figure-kotobukya-sill-plain-09

Quite a few figures here on order, but many many months until some are actually released. Always a pain waiting, I’m a very impatient person sometimes. But, I have other figures arriving soon that were pre-ordered months ago, so I always have something new arriving each month it seems.

Tell me what you think.



  1. Rico-sama says:

    Oooo. I didn’t know about the Alphard figure that will complement Canaan. Very nice. Regarding Canaan’s pose, it looks like her right foot might lean on her cape, no?

    Also, they’re striped.

    Excellent! Oh, and the Gothic Punk Mikuru I got from Orchid Seed is pretty phenomenal, if that helps alleviate some of your concerns about their quality.

    Sora looks amazing, and those pics you linked make me feel a lot better about her color scheme.

    Is it just me who sees this?

    Yep, just you. 😉 Actually I do see where you’re coming from, but I really think it’s a bit of an illusion due the way Asuka arcs her back. Rei, on the other hand, had a butt you could play football on.

    Well, if I talked you towards Asuka, then you’ve just given me reason to buy Sill. I’ve seen her before and thought she was cute, but didn’t like the proportions in her clothing. Little did I know that there was a reason behind that! :3

    • Aka says:

      I don’t think her foot leans on the cape as the cape is removable.

      I think the set of Asuka and Rei by Kotobukiya have larger rears in general. I suppose I prefer a more slender buttocks but oh well. It seems like her rear is wider than her shoulders, which isn’t the most appealing to me. But I suppose when sitting that can adjust the size somewhat, so I’ll forgive her large appearance.

      Did you click the link to Akibahobby for more pics of Sill? I feel she does have some issues when nude, her posture seems a lot more pronounced and odd, and that gap. Eitherway though I like the pink.

      • Rico-sama says:

        We’ll know for sure when the final figure comes out. I’m not giving up on that theory just yet.

        Rei and Asuka seem to be very much taken from Sadamoto’s character designs. And, well, he has a tendency towards pencil width hips and massive thighs. Not saying it looks the best.

        Yeah, I saw the Sill pics at Akiba. The gap when she’s nude didn’t really bother me since I can’t see myself displaying her like that. ^^;;

        • Aka says:

          I’ve always liked that Asuka pic. I also have this Rei as a wallscroll. I like his art, I almost made a poster of these pics 1 2.

          Yeah the gap doesn’t bother me so much either, as I’ll keep her dressed. But I wanted to make sure you knew.

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