My First Concert, blink-182 @ The Molson Amphitheatre

Today, or I suppose at this point, yesterday I went to my first ever concert. I’m not really sure why I’ve never been to a concert prior to this, but I think I’ll be going to more. The headliner was of course blink-182, but three other bands also played.

First up was a band we started calling Chesterfield, however they’re real name is Chester French. Unfortunately for them, while they sounded pretty good in comparison to the youtube video I found of them, they’re not a great band really. They’re not terrible, they just aren’t much of anything really. They were more rocky and loud at the concert of course.


Next up was illScarlett. On the way into the concert we stopped by “Merch” and I picked up an illScarlett t-shirt for a fairly large sum for a t-shirt, $35 CAD. Unfortunately the shirt seemed to attract every bug in the whole of Ontario Place so I had to take it off, shake it off, and quickly place it in the bag to stop attracting them. I’ll wash it before I wear it next, hopefully bugs wont be attracted to it afterwards. The band themselves though were good, they played a lot of new tracks, which I didn’t like as much as the tracks I know. But they were much better than Chester French with the crowd and everyone enjoyed their music.

Next up was Fall Out Boy :roll:. FOB played alright I suppose, and 1/3 of the place stood up and paid their full attention. I chose not to stand for most of their act as they’re just not my sort of band. Funnily enough though, the whole place stood up and screamed when they played a song that wasn’t theirs. Everyone was lovin’ it, too bad it wasn’t their song though. They also talked poorly about themselves, which seemed really odd to me, perhaps that’s how emo bands are.

Lastly, we had the headlining band, blink-182. Their setlist was pretty killer, every song was received well by the crowd and nearly everyone knew the lyrics to each song and sang along. Unfortunately I didn’t know the lyrics well enough for most songs to sing them in their entirety. I think there were 2 tracks where people didn’t sing to, one of which I can’t remember, the other of which was a drum solo by Travis Barker. On that topic, Travis Barker’s drum solo was amazing. His drums were attached to a platform that was lifted into the air, tilted on ludicrous angles and spun around all while he played a wicked drum solo. Check out the YouTube video below from a similar event in Vancouver, British Columbia.

After the solo the band assembled back on stage together and played 2 more songs as their ‘encore’. I put encore in quotes because it wasn’t really an encore, it was entirely planned and it sort of felt like it cheapens the idea of an encore, but I think they’re just expected now, oh well.

Tom seemed to mess up a few times throughout the show, but covered with humor and swearing, befitting of the band and was humorous overall. I didn’t take any pictures or even bring a camera for that matter. I knew that they likely wouldn’t let me in with my DSLR, and that I wouldn’t be able to get a good picture anyway. With all the lights on stage moving and shining right at the audience and thus my camera all I was going to get was blurred colours, perfect for anyone on LSD.

Overall the event was entertaining and time flew by. I wonder how other bands are with their concerts?



Chester French

Haven’t managed to find a setlist yet.


Haven’t managed to find a setlist for them either, but it was mostly new songs yet to be released.

Fall Out Boy

Again, no setlist found yet. But the song they played that wasn’t theirs was Don’t Stop Believing (Journey cover). Best song they played their whole set.


  1. Dumpweed (Enema of the State)
  2. Feeling This (blink-182)
  3. The Rock Show (Take Off Your Pants and Jacket)
  4. Easy Target (blink-182)
  5. What’s My Age Again? (Enema of the State)
  6. Obvious (blink-182)
  7. I Miss You (blink-182)
  8. Stay Together For the Kids (Take Off Your Pants and Jacket)
  9. Down (blink-182)
  10. Always (blink-182)
  11. Stockholm Syndrome (blink-182)
  12. First Date (Take Off Your Pants and Jacket)
  13. Man Overboard (Greatest Hits)
  14. Going Away to College (Enema of the State)
  15. Not Now (Greatest Hits)
  16. Adam’s Song (Enema of the State)
  17. All the Small Things (Enema of the State)
  18. Reckless Abandon (Take Off Your Pants and Jacket)
  19. Josie (Dude Ranch)
  20. Anthem Part Two (Take Off Yours Pants and Jacket)
  21. Travis’ Drum Solo
  22. Carousel (Cheshire Cat)
  23. Dammit (Dude Ranch)


  1. Aka says:

    Forgot to mention. It rained lightly most of the evening, and heavily at times. Brought ponchos, and my bright bright orange one seems to have stained the shirt I wore under it. Hopefully it washes out.

    While waiting at the gate to get in, we heard them doing their sound checks. If you hovered over “Ontario Place” in the post, or knew what it was, you may agree with me when I think this bit is funny. Blink-182 was doing theirs and they were yelling “FUCK TORONTO, FUCK ‘EM!” … amusement park, lots of children and parents. I’m sure they weren’t as amused as me and my friends.

  2. Rico-sama says:

    Hmmmm. Don’t follow the music scene much, but it seems like you had a blast. Aside from the bugs, rain, and Fall Out Boy that is. 😛

    “Funnily enough though, the whole place stood up and screamed when they played a song that wasn’t theirs. Everyone was lovin’ it, too bad it wasn’t their song though.”

    I LOL’ed at that. So loud it scared my cat.

    That drum solo was amazing. Must’ve been even more so in person.

    • Aka says:

      Yeah I had a blast. The drum solo was much better in person, I didn’t have that screaming girl next to me like in the video. And you could feel it each time he hit the bass drum.

      I don’t really follow the scene I suppose, but I listen to a lot of music and it was fun to finally see a band live. They’re perhaps not my favourite band, blink-182, but they’ve always been good and I’ve been listening to them for seemingly half my life now. So might as well finally see ’em.

  3. […] myself and moving around right away. The same thing could not be said for the opening band at the blink-182 concert, Chesterfield. Snow Patrol was very good live, I couldn’t find a fault in their performance […]

  4. […] Blink-182 was an amazing concert because I had no basis for comparison. That’s not to say it was a bad concert, but looking back, it had a lot of moments that don’t live up to the concerts that followed. Some upsides to blinks concert was I had a seat, which I never used, but that meant I wasn’t being bumped into constantly and the people in front of me were lower thus my short stature wasn’t impeded. […]