Sill Plain by Kotobukiya

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  1. For those who want to see her naked.

    I considered upgrading her score a bit once I saw she was cast-off, but now that I understand she’s not really, she definitely earned her spot on a negative note on my first Figure Friday post.
    Though I’m glad to see her seam-lines are slightly less noticeable, and her rear is well sculpted, ahem.

    Though I wonder what’s up with the huge gap in her belly above her panties if you remove her clothes.
    This figure deserves a second edition, to fix it, to give it some chance.

    1. Guy, I already posted that link near the top of the review, in the second sentence after the “Disappointment” header 🙂

      I’m pretty sure that the gap between her panties and tummy is due to the fact you really have to tear her apart to get her to cast-off. Looking at mine from the little areas that I can, she looks very much tightly sealed together in that area, no large gap like those that have managed to get her to cast-off.

      Even if this figure were to get a second chance, I certainly wouldn’t buy her again. I’ve already spent more than I really wished to.

      1. Oh, sorry, I wasn’t sure, since the panties provided were different 😉

        I’m sure you wouldn’t get a second version. I hope a revision comes forth for the sake of the poor figure 😉

        Though to be honest, I expressed this thought before but maybe it was just in my mind. Her top is too bulky, even if it was perfectly made, seam-line wise, it still wouldn’t have looked good.

      2. I agree with you, her top is too bulky. But I felt it was due to the cast-off ability that required it to be larger. Now with the cast-off ability a lie or misinformation, the size of her clothing is far too bulky for sure.

  2. Well damn. I hadn’t actually pre-ordered Sill (or whatever her name actually is) yet and I’m likely not after finding out she’s not cast off. :/

    Kotobukiya, if you weren’t going to release this as a cast-off figure, then why did you make such poor design choices?

    I agree with that and what Guy said about the top being too bulky wholeheartedly. I was willing to look past it when I thought she was cast off – in fact it made total sense why it would be thicker – but as is? No, definitely too think.

    That said, in looking at your pics, I can’t really believe Kotobukiya would make those types of poor design choices. They are too good a company for that. Maybe this is one of those rare instances where the figure was designed to function in a certain way, but the higher-ups decided against it somewhere along the line?

    Sorry the figure didn’t turn out like you thought. Always sucks when that happens. >.<

    1. Yeah I was remembering that story I think you’d found on DannyChoo’s site about cast-off figures glued together as I wrote this. Also was thinking about how you’d said you were maybe going to buy the figure as well.

      All said though, I think the pictures turned out well… at least something did.

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