Horo by Good Smile Company

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  1. I can’t believe all the mess that you had to go through for her. You had hinted before, but never realized it was that bad. Especially the shipping bit – talk about adding insult to injury.

    Still, I’m glad she lived to your expectations and that the wait was worth it. Sorry you got a paint chip, but the rest of the figure looks solid.

    Man, knew Horo had a lot of pieces, but seeing them spread out like that is something else entirely. O.O

    PS. Why don’t you just make 10 highest and make 10 be the top number and make that a little higher?

    1. Yeah some straight answers would have been nice. But it’s in the past now and hopefully my remaining pre-orders with Toyslogic turn out better. They still have the advantage in one respect, they are cheaper than Japan, due to how they fill out the paperwork for a shipment. HLJ fills it out properly, Toyslogic fills it out as a gift, saving me duty fees at the border.

      Apparently that paintchip is somewhat pervasive, I’m not sure how many others have received it, but one person I spoke to said mine was better than theirs, at least mine still had colour, theirs was a white chip, thus deeper.

      *confused* She goes to eleven!

      1. Well, it is a gift, isn’t it? I mean, they gave you that shredded paper for free!

        That’s really odd. GSC put some plastic around that part when they packaged her (if I remember right) and that’s supposed to protect against that type of damage.

      2. Pretty sure there wasn’t any plastic between the bow and her dress, but even if there were, the twist ties were twisted quite hard and you can see in the packaging pictures they go right over that spot.

        Yeah, I prefer the free news papers they used to send. Still couldn’t read them because they had chinese characters all over them, but at least it was more interesting!

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