3 thoughts on “Blink-182”

  1. Forgot to mention. It rained lightly most of the evening, and heavily at times. Brought ponchos, and my bright bright orange one seems to have stained the shirt I wore under it. Hopefully it washes out.

    While waiting at the gate to get in, we heard them doing their sound checks. If you hovered over “Ontario Place” in the post, or knew what it was, you may agree with me when I think this bit is funny. Blink-182 was doing theirs and they were yelling “FUCK TORONTO, FUCK ‘EM!” … amusement park, lots of children and parents. I’m sure they weren’t as amused as me and my friends.

  2. Hmmmm. Don’t follow the music scene much, but it seems like you had a blast. Aside from the bugs, rain, and Fall Out Boy that is. 😛

    “Funnily enough though, the whole place stood up and screamed when they played a song that wasn’t theirs. Everyone was lovin’ it, too bad it wasn’t their song though.”

    I LOL’ed at that. So loud it scared my cat.

    That drum solo was amazing. Must’ve been even more so in person.

    1. Yeah I had a blast. The drum solo was much better in person, I didn’t have that screaming girl next to me like in the video. And you could feel it each time he hit the bass drum.

      I don’t really follow the scene I suppose, but I listen to a lot of music and it was fun to finally see a band live. They’re perhaps not my favourite band, blink-182, but they’ve always been good and I’ve been listening to them for seemingly half my life now. So might as well finally see ’em.

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