SAL Shipping, not that slow

Turns out SAL shipping isn’t too bad after all. At least this time around. These figures, while not travelling through the portal technology Japan seems to possess, did arrive in around 2 weeks. Which is not overall a bad shipping time. Perhaps I’ll keep using SAL, I’m not sure. Additionally Hobby Link Japan uses quite substantial boxes, which is rather nice. Even the box these shipped in arrived in pristine condition. However I proceeded to cut it to pieces to put it in the recycling box.



  1. klein says:

    I recently had two packages shipped via SAL from HLJ at the same time one showed up in a record six days, the other is nearing the three mark and has still not arrived yet ^^; It varies pretty wildly but I have never lost a box from HLJ or had one where the figure boxes were damaged (which is more than I can say for most American stores).

    Congrats on your new figures I keep pondering whether or not I should order the fight ippatsu! jyuden-chan! figure myself.

  2. BangBang! says:

    What if some of the stuffs are exlusives or limited? Would it be better to use SAL or EMS? I don’t mind using SAL even though it would take awhile since people said they rarely lose their packages.

  3. Rapunzel says:

    I’ve always used SAL for HLJ, and I’ve always wondered how much is the price difference between SAL and EMS?

  4. Aka says:

    @klein, 6 days and 3 weeks? that’s an interesting range. Is the one package larger than the other?

    Interestingly, HLJ has old stock of Plug-chan from when she was originally released. The rest wont be getting the re-release until later this year. Toys Logic wont get her until 11/30/09.

    @BangBang, I think if it were an exclusive I would use EMS. I’d like more tracking and information to be available to me. Additionally you can or do get insurance with EMS, where I don’t believe you can with SAL. I’d want those features because the figure would be harder to replace as well as more expensive to do so.

    @Rapunzel, I believe EMS tends to be twice the price of SAL. Not including insurance, but insurance is pretty cheap. For an anime figure it would be something like 100-200 yen.