Review: Good Smile Company’s Corticarte Apa Lagranges

Good Smile Company seems to be dominating my figure collection as of late. They’ve now tied Kotobukiya with the top step each consisting of ~26%, the next closet being Alpha x Omega with ~10%. This is also the first figure to break my own rule. I blame the same friend whose daughter I was compelled to purchase, continually linking me pictures of Corti. Shame on him. (NWS Links: Danbooru / moe.imouto).

What other rules will I break…


Corti is from the series Shinkyoku Sōkai Polyphonica, which I have not watched. So I can’t really give you any details other than, originally it was an all-ages visual novel that has been adapted into light novels, manga and 2 anime. The scale of this figure is 1/8th and measures in at around 19 cm tall and ~1 kg. Her MSRP is ¥6,300 / $74 CAD however I purchased her for $38. Oddly though, now that she’s marked “CLEARANCE” at the same store, she’s $15 USD more expensive. I guess things worked out in my favour.


Originally upon purchase I didn’t notice any differences between the official pictures and my figure. She seemed pretty much identical. However, while at work the other day I was showing a co-worker who’d visited Japan some pictures of my anime figures. I only had some official shots of Corti on my iPod and noticed the base and support differed from mine. I started to wonder if perhaps I’d received a very well done counterfeit. Google reveals that this is however not the case, the base appears to have changed between the official photos and release of the figure. I prefer the base in the official pictures to the provided base. The clear plexiglass and bent coloured pipe seem more attractive.


I’m not sure whether Corti is supposed to be jumping, running or spinning around. I feel somewhat confused about her pose though it appears to take after this picture by Kannatsuki Noboru. That is of course not to say that it’s a bad pose, on the contrary, it’s quite an appealing pose. Facing her towards you as in the title picture you get just the right amount of bum to be alluring but not so much as to be over the top. For those of us who’ve become zettai ryouiki affectionados, we get a nice dose as well. Facing her to the left we find she provides yet another attractive angle. The skirt dips and rises in just the right way as to show the most skin without revealing her panties. Such a teasing skirt.

Setting aside the various fetishes in the design of her character and the sculpt, lets talk about her face. Overall I think it captures her character rather well, her eyes match the official artwork I’ve seen though don’t quite seem to be giving off the same feeling as the artwork. But her cheeks and chin seem to be pretty well match. One issue with the face though is her lips, I’m not sure I’ve seen any artwork with her young form self wearing lipstick.

Good Smile Company seems to be pretty consistent with their paintwork. While I have found some issues with their Yami and Rin, the problems aren’t mistakes. Yami I felt her hair wasn’t shaded right, and Rin’s skin didn’t match their official pictures. Corti matches up well with her official photos. The differences in the colour between mine and the official are more due to white balance settings than actual paint colour differences.

The colours seem pretty much solid in most of her hair, tie and uniform. In these places the ‘shading’ appears to come more from the sculpt of the wrinkles and such causing shadows. Her skin also appears somewhat bland and solid, but perfectly pale. Her cheeks have some hints of red in them giving some life to her face. The places where shading is really noticeable is in her boots, detached sleeves and thigh-highs. In these places the shading detail is very well done and also has a different shinier finish than the rest of her uniform. Her boots particularly are well done, the little gold rings, the black laces, and the brown leather are all painted very well.


Those of you with a keen eye may notice 2 spots in her thigh-highs, perhaps 1×1 pixels. These are indeed defects in the paint but are only visible under certain lighting conditions. Additionally in her vest there is a bit of a sculpting error, you can notice an indentation next to her right arm. There are also more sculpting defects in the left side of her skirt, and rear of her vest. Along with some bubbling in the paint in the rear of her vest. These are all quite noticeable under bright lighting, such as the photo-shoot, but I never noticed at all prior to it.


I wanted to use another “D” word heading but “disquieting” didn’t seem a correct match. My big concern with this figure has always been the fact that Corti looks like she’s going to lean, and lean bad. I was assured again and again by people that Good Smile Company is a good company and wouldn’t make a figure that would lean. Now that I have the figure in my possession I feel better about it. While I have no confirming evidence of what I’m about to say, I’m going to say it anyway. Corti’s legs feel like they’re made out of a stronger material than the rest of her. It might not be ABS like GSC’s Yami and could just be reinforcement in the leg. But regardless, it does feel sturdy enough to hold her up, at least for a longer while than straight PVC. I hope this is true.


Hey how about that, another “D”. Corti is a very attractive character and this figure reproduces that attractiveness almost to a “T”. I’m very pleased with this figure, even with it’s few defects. Corti’s uniform and pose provides plenty of pleasurable angles for viewing and her body proportions such as her legs and breasts add to it. Another fun aspect to this figure, removable skirt. I neglected to mention this above, I almost forgot in fact, but it seems to be a good place to close on.

Seems Corti wears some fancy pantsu…



  • Super great value at $38
  • The way her skirt dips and rises at the rear, just perfectly
  • Awkward but cute pose
  • Paintwork matches original art fairly faithfully
  • Zettai ryouiki


  • Prototype base was much nicer
  • Her boots are painted with more detail than the rest of her
  • Very minor paint and sculpt defects



  1. Leonia says:

    One of my first figure. A beautiful figure by Good Smile Company. I love her ^^ Great review ! Congratulation !

  2. Rico-sama says:

    Damn. Another figure I regret passing up on!

    You did a great job with the gallery. I like the up-skirt shots where you see just the tiniest bit of panty. Aside from that your shots also give a better sense of proportion than the official shots. I think the official shots make Corti look a little chunky perhaps?

    I haven’t seen/read any Shinkyoku Sōkai Polyphonica either, but I think you’re right about the lipstick – just seems a little inappropriate for the sculpt.

    Glad your fears about the bending were eased a little.

    BTW – the old bait-and-switch with the bases happens all the time. More often than it should. :/

    • Aka says:

      Really, they change the bases often? That would be annoying. I already wonder half the time just what exactly the quality of product I’m buying is, I don’t need more things changing on me.

      I too enjoy the shots where you only see a hint of panties, but I think I enjoy the shots where you don’t see them even more. The ones where you know if the camera was just 1 mm lower you’d see some panties. I guess I like a tease.

      • Rico-sama says:

        It’s just one of the things they tend to do with their official shots from what I’ve seen – give them fancy bases like wood, mirror, felt, or clear plastic that don’t necessarily reflect final product.

        I don’t know why they sometimes don’t translate.

  3. klein says:

    Great review. I wouldn’t worry too much about lean I have had mine since she was first released and still no signs of lean.

    • Aka says:

      That’s exactly what I want to hear! Though that’s only 1.5 years so far if I recall correctly. Lets hope she stay upright!

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