Plug collects anime figures

Watching the beginning of episode 2 of Fight Ippatsu! Jyuden-chan!! I noticed Plug collects anime figures. And on top of that, has an anime figure I have! Look at the girl in the pink kimono, then check out this figure. Now sure, the sword is in the left hand instead of right, and her hair appears to be purple, but it’s totally a parody of that figure. I’m not sure what the others appear to be. The one on the left has me thinking Mathou Sakura, but I can’t seem to find a figure to match. And the catgirl looks mighty familiar as well, but again, can’t think of a figure to match. Too bad she doesn’t own a figure that resembles me, that would make it über creepy.



  1. Rico-sama says:

    Truthfully, my gaze was drawn to something else at first. 😀

    I think the one next to Shiki-parody is a Nanako-parody (To Heart). I’d also put money on the fourth one over being a Taiga-parody. No clue on the last one – Nendoroid Kyoka-parody perhaps?

    • Aka says:

      Oh for sure I didn’t notice the first time. What happened as as she got up I noticed there was something like an anime figure behind her. So I backed up to check.

      So far the series is pretty ecchi and fun, but I’m not fond of the yellow fluids coming out of various characters… It’s a big turn off.