Old Computers, what to do with them?

I’ve got a lot of junk laying around, some of it can be seen in the posts image. Almost all of that works, only the silver monitor doesn’t, and some of the keyboards. The black monitor I’m planning to keep but added it to the pile to make it seem more impressive ;).  The silver monitor worked fine until it started to stop turning on, then stopped entirely. I imagine it would continue to work fine if I could get it to turn on.

Most of this junk was acquired over time, though the 3 similar cases were from when I bought my brother and sister each a computer, as well as made myself an extra back when I was running Distributed Computing applications. The machines have since passed and had parts replaces and such. One of which I still use from time to time for testing of hardware or running as a webserver. The old IBM I keep due to sentimental value, it was a workhorse. I bought it for $40 when I was 17 I think, and ran a Direct Connect Hub on it. It wasn’t fast, but it was rock solid.  Excluding the one I still use on occasion, they all just sit gathering dust and wasting valued space.

All this junk wasting space in my room brought up the question to myself, just what the heck do I do with it all? It all works (almost), so I feel bad taking it to the dump/recycling. Some of it is older than it’s worth to donate. The APC box is full of random components, RAM, Motherboards, Harddrives, WNICs, Video Cards (PCI, AGP, maybe a PCIe or two). Not pictured are 4 laptops, a cellphone, old processors and heatsinks, an old landline phone, a steering wheel and a used APC Battery. eBaying it all seems like a waste of my time as well, since I wouldn’t likely get much of a return for even the little effort involved.

So I ask, what would you do with it all? Keep it? Recycle it? Donate what can be donated? eBay it all? Something else?

I remember when they all had names…



  1. Rico-sama says:

    If I were you, I’d donate the computer parts and mail the Eluluu poster to my friend Rico-sama. 😀

    But seriously, if you don’t need them or don’t want to tinker with them, go ahead and donate what you can. Maybe even sell the parts to a used computer store. But keep at least one of the cases in case you ever get hungry.

    • Aka says:

      I prefer the spelling “Eruru” just as I prefer Horo to Holo. The poster is just a bunch of print-outs on photopaper glued to some large piece of thick paper I found at an artshop. The original picture can be had here (5.4MB). You’ll notice I cropped off the bottom a bit. Not to remove the artists website, but to chop off her foot. I didn’t like the way it was drawn.

      I think I’ll avoid cooking anything in these cases, all my good cases are in use. These are too plasticy and made of low quality materials. I’d likely die of some kind of terrible poison that would be released during the cooking.

      • Rico-sama says:

        Ooooo. Thanks for sharing the image (I’m already calculating how much a poster sized plot of that would cost)!

        Avoiding the poison would probably be a good thing. 😛 I didn’t know the cases were plastic. There are some other good suggestions at that site though – if you are in the mood for tinkering.

        • Aka says:

          I believe there are even substances in the metals that would be poisonous. They don’t really intend you to eat anything out of them. I’ll check out the other stuff though.

          I remember trying to get this other Eruru poster printed, the place I found wanted $120, I decided that was a bad idea and did it myself. I’m sure there’s a cheaper place around, but I wasn’t willing to look. Here’s the original image (1.7 MB). There’s also a varient that’s wider (4.2 MB).

  2. Marshmallow says:

    How old are they? I’d say, send them to me, since I’m a huge fan of old computers, but they look too new for me. XD (90’s computers are my second favourite thing after figures) That being said, I’m sure someone out there would want them, so you could probably donate them.

    • Aka says:

      Oh so that’s why you picked up the iBook. I wondered, I kept thinking, why would someone buy such an old laptop!

      None of these are fancy enough though anyway. At least the iBook has some style too it, albeit, 90s style.

      Computers used to be my favourite thing, I used to have tons running all the time. Now I try to keep it to just enough to get the job done. Cheaper, simpler and less time consuming 🙂