Kotobukiya’s Nozomu, more photos

Akibahobby has more photos of this Nozomu figure up for viewing. I noticed in a few shots around her panties there’s some black lines, I’m thinking they must be shadows where the different body parts connect. These shadows are rather unappealing. I hope they don’t detract from the figure too much.

I’m still interested in the figure. However I’m not sure I’m willing to buy such a provacative and young appearing figure and place her on display. Especially since she’s 1/5th scale, making her probably stand out a lot. Dilemmas dilemmas!

I don’t think people will believe me when I say she’s a 200-year old wolf spirit…



  1. Rico-sama says:

    “I don’t think people will believe me when I say she’s a 200-year old wolf spirit…”

    Hell, I’m not sure that I believe it. 😛

    Yeah, it looks like the figure is starting to come apart a bit there. Hopefully that’s still the prototype/promotional figure in those shots, because if that is going to happen to the production run…

    Barring that, Nozomu is now most certainly a purchase.

    • Aka says:

      Do you at least believe that Horo is a 600 year old wolf harvest diety?

      I would hope she doesn’t come apart in the release. That would be rather disappointing to say the least.

      So now you’re purchasing her, man you’re killing me here. I feel like I should purchase her too!

      • Rico-sama says:

        Actually, purchasing Nozomu will depend heavily on whether or not I find Chizuru. So there is still a chance I won’t get her.

        And yes. I do find Horo’s age to be more believable than Nozomu’s, for some reason.

  2. For some reason I have a weakness for worufumimi loli’s…

    • Aka says:

      I believe the word you’re looking for is Okamimimi. From what I understand it works this way. You take the japanese word for the animal and add mimi to the end of it, creating the slang term used to describe the animal girl type. Mimi just means ears if I remember correctly. So Okamimimi means wolf ears.

      Others to look out for, Nekomimi (Catgirl), Usamimi (Bunnygirl), Inumimi (Doggirl) and Kitsunemimi(Foxgirl). Interestingly, Usamimi differs slightly from the rest, I believe rabbit is Usagi in Japanese, but it’s shortend to just Usa. Another useful term is Kemonomimi, which is a blanket slang term to describe all animal girls.