Ryougi Shiki by Good Smile Company

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  1. O.o Shiki is yandere? Wow, now I have to see these movies! 😀

    Anyway, an amazing review for an amazing figure. This is one that I left un-purchased due to unfamiliarity with the movies and distrust of GSC in the larger scales, but now you’ve put me over the edge into the “will be bought” camp.

    Having done my fair share of shoots, I totally know what you mean regarding the photogenic peculiarities of figure. The most dynamic do tend to be the hardest to shoot!

    1. Well this annoys me a bit. I usually get an email stating someone has commented, I don’t recall getting one. So I never checked!

      Shiki has some yandere qualities for sure. But perhaps in a more complicated manner than the ‘standard’ yandere archetype. Though I must profess, I’m definitely not a yandere connoisseur. I tend not to like them, and currently my most hated character is one. If you haven’t watched School Days, watching it will help you figure out who I hate most, hint, she’s yandere.

      I wish the dynamic figures were more photogenic, it’s confusing. They’re so much more interesting, yet you can’t find as much interest in them with the camera!

      Curious, why would you not trust GSC with larger scale figures?


  2. No worries. I turned off that feature a long time ago myself. 😛

    I do plan on watching School Days eventually, so I can’t comment on that now. But I can say that ever since Hirugashi, I’ve have a soft spot in my heart for yandere types.

    Shiki also looks to be a little light on the sculpt detailing. Which is perfect considering how dynamic she is, but the camera really likes seeing lots of “stuff” on close ups.

    I bought GSC’s 1/6 Magic Girl Rin Tohsaka and wasn’t very impressed by it. Nicely sculpted and posed, but the painting and shading on the skin tones was really bad (on mine, at least).

    1. I recall a friend having a debate on whether the characters in Higurashi were really yandere. Since it was due to an external force that made them that way, wasn’t it? I never finished the series, for whatever reason, the mix of moé and creepiness was too much and creeped me out.

      You’re probably right, Shiki’s clothing is much too simple to require the additional details for upclose shots.

      So Rin was poorly painted, that’s too bad. Why does Rin keep getting the shaft when it comes to paint. Our Berserker + Rin figures have darker than we wanted skin tones as well. Poor Rin!

      1. To argue the point in favor Higurashi, aren’t all yandere influence by an external force? Sure in Higurashi it’s a supernatural external force, but I would argue that death, betrayal, or whatever else causes these girls to snap are external forces as well.

        You’re right about Rin, unfortunately. The GSC Maid Ver is probably the best out there in that department.

      2. I think a yandere is fairly obsessive though from the beginning. They have a skewed personality. The Higurashi girls I believe were all normal, but were affected by a supernatural force. Which would be different from snapping due to a defective personality trait.

        I don’t really like the GSC Maid Ver though 😦 it doesn’t seem in character.

      3. Hmmm. Good point. I did a little more reading into it and apparently there is a sub-class of yandere called “yangire”. The two differ in that yangire is craziness induced by an outside force not related to love, where yandere is an uncontrolable obsession (love).

        So given that, I think Higurashi actually has a mixture of both types.

  3. She is NOT a yandere. Having minor traits of an archetype doesn’t mean that she is one of this garbage that we have nowadays.

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