Plug Cryostat Insulator Suit Ver.) by Kotobukiya

5 thoughts on “Plug Cryostat Insulator Suit Ver.) by Kotobukiya”

  1. This Plug doesn’t seem nearly as well-endowed as some of the screen shots make her out to be. Granted she isn’t supposed to be huge, but she’s almost non-existent here!

    Nice review. Sorry the wire is such a pain, but you managed to make it look really nice in the shots. And I totally with your preference on the black chest piece.

    Question, how waxy is Plugs face really? In some shots it looks fine while in others not so much.

    PS. Plug suits are made out of plug. Duh! 😀

    1. I like her bust size in this figure, and it seems to match the manga artwork I’ve seen, which is very little mind you. The anime has enlarged them considerably it would seem.

      I wrote the review while watching Mulholland Drive, so hopefully it made a lot more sense than that movie did. It seemed coherent at the time…

      I don’t think Plugs face is too waxy. There’s a hint of it, but I don’t think it’s as bad as perhaps some of the pictures may make it out to be. It’s likely it was my poor lighting while watching a movie at the same time.

      Hmm out of Plug eh… hmm..

      1. Cool. I knowing Kotobukiya I figured that was what as going on with her face, but wanted to make sure. Might snatch her up if I see her at Otakon.

        On second viewing, I find that crotch shot disturbing. Not even Ikki Tousen figures take it that far. That and the detailing seems out of place.

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