Review: Alpha x Omega’s Yami & Good Smile Company’s Yami

Double Review! I admit I’ve been holding out a bit. I’ve had one of these figures for 5 months, surely I could have posted about it previously, but I just never managed to do it. Now that I have two Yami’s I figured it was time I got it over with. I considered posting them separately, but a double review seemed like it could be fun. But it turned out to be a lot more work than I expected.

figure-gsc-yami-09Good Smile Company’s Yami

Lets start off with the newest Yami. Good Smile’s Yami was released in April of this year. She’s 1/8th scale and is claimed to be 190 mm, however that must be including the base, as mine doesn’t appear to measure as tall. She apparently retailed for ¥6,500/ $79 CAD in Japan, however my purchase price was $74 CAD before shipping.

Some Back Story…

The original reason I went out in search of a Yami figure was in part due to a joke with a friend of mine. Back when everyone on 4chan was claiming wives and daughters of anime characters, my friend claimed that Yami was his non-blood related daughter. Ever since then I’ve always made comments about his daughter pretty much any time she was mentioned or seen. So when I found out there were figures being made after her, I started to think I should buy his daughter. This was made much easier after reading more of the To Love Ru manga, as Yami’s a pretty cute character.

However over the time that this thought occurred and sat in my mind, Alpha x Omega’s Yami sold out pretty much everywhere. Since this thought was stuck in my head and I felt I had to go through with it, I pre-ordered Good Smile Companies Yami to continue the joke. So that of course means that this Yami was not purchased because I really liked the figure and more as a substitute in place of the figure I actually wanted.

Over the months since pre-ordering her my thoughts on the figure dimmed even more. Seeing some poorly shot photos from various events around Japan I felt perhaps the money was poorly spent. Instead of eagerly anticipating her arrival I went and scoured eBay in search of the figure I wanted originally. Finding her I immediately clicked the Buy Now button and eagerly awaited her arrival. Alpha x Omega’s Yami arrived very quickly, and I’ve had her for quite a long time at this point, January 17th 2009 to be exact. But due to who knows what I never got around to reviewing her. Once she had arrived, Good Smile Company’s Yami went forgotten for months.

The Important Stuff…

figure-gsc-yami-11Now that we’ve established why I own two Yami’s (this was needed why?) let’s move on.

The sculpt was done by Hironori Tokunaga, who hasn’t really done any other figures I’m interested in save for Max Factory’s Pachira from Magical Pokaan. However I really like the sculpt on this Yami, it seems very much like her, especially with her T-1000 like blade. Some interesting things about this sculpt, it’s very rigid. She doesn’t feel at all like she’s made out of the same materials as my other figures. I believe she’s made out of PVC & ABS plastics, where all my previous figures are just produced using PVC plastic. The reason for their use of ABS in addition to the PVC is obvious though. With all the hair extending outwards as well as her clothes she would most certainly have warped oddly over time. Additionally I suspect this should cause her not to lean, or at least, not to lean so quickly with her single leg of support.

Good Smile Company’s paintwork is decently done. There don’t appear to be any obvious errors anywhere on her in fact. Which is pretty good considering most of my figures have at least one paint defect. But I think the biggest paint issue with this figure may be depth. Her boots and legs straps seem to have some depth, as does her skin for the most part. But I feel there’s something missing with her clothes and hair. The hair does have some darker spots blended in, but it still feels very flat. Her clothes also seem very flat, but mostly limited to the part extending out backwards. I wonder if this could be caused by the use of ABS plastics, as these are both sections where ABS has been used.

One of the things I found interesting with this figure was the fact she had such a short skirt and yet no one managed a pantyshot before she was released. It must have taken these photographers great skill to miss them, as I could barely avoid taking such shots. It seemed they were visible from so many angles, it was an effort to not get a pantyshot in every picture. So I commend these photographers for their skill. However they greatly missed out on Yami’s wonderful bum and thigh gap.

After nearly forgetting this figure existed I’m pleasantly surprised having received her. She’s not the highest detailed figure, nor the best painted, but seems like a very earnest attempt at Yami. I didn’t find any major faults, the seams were well hidden and smoothed, overall she turned out to be a figure I’m happy with.

Maybe her left boot is bigger than her right, maybe.


  • Love her T-1000-like hand-blade
  • Lovely dynamic running pose with her hair and clothes swaying behind her
  • Great pervy angles just as Kentaro Yabuki intended (and Yami detests)
  • Good skin tones
  • My friends imaginary non-blood related daughter


  • Rather bland colouring
  • Despite feeling rather rigid, I still worry she will lean



  1. Leonia says:

    Nice presentation !

  2. Rico-sama says:

    I didn’t even know that AxO’s Yami existed! Before I would have (ignorantly) claimed that GSC’s was the best, but you’ve made me want the AxO sculpt more! (Though some of those angles make it look like she’s sitting on a toilet.)

    I kinda disagree with your take on the Yamis’ hair though. When I looked at the pics my read was that AxO’s coloring is bolder but lacking in shading/highlight and GSC’s is paler but has more of both those.

    My own preference is the GSC execution, but I actually think both figures executed their hair perfectly for their sculpt. Bolder colors on GSC Yami would make her hair “heavy” and distracted attention away from her face, while paler, better shaded colors on AxO Yami wouldn’t have contrasted with Yami’s outfit nearly as well. Just my two cents.

    I LOL’d at your story. I forget, are you one of those “one character, one figure” people?

    • Aka says:

      I started to think that after I’d finished the article. And since it was already written I didn’t want to go back through and re-edit.

      That said, GSC Yami’s hair is far too dull I think. This could in part be due to the fact AxO’s Yami arrived first and I got used to her vibrantly coloured hair. But you’re definitely right, GSC’s Yami has some shading vs next to none on AxO’s Yami.

      I’m not one of those one character, on figure people. I’ve got one Shiki with another on the way, I own 3 Horos, and have 2 more on the way. I own 2 Haruhi’s as well. I also want to buy Kotobukiya’s Corticarte from Polyphonica. I already own GSC’s Corti.

      But back when I’d pre-ordered the Yami’s I was leaning towards the one character, one figure mantra.

      Note: I may have given away some of the stuff from the mystery box 😉

      • Rico-sama says:

        OK, so dumb question. XD Yeah, had I thought about it a second and remembered your extensive Horo collection alone, the answer would have been obvious!

        Wasn’t GSC Yami part of the mystery box? If not, then I’m completely lost on the box’s content.

        • Aka says:

          Yeah GSC Yami was indeed part of it.

          Yeah, I’m totally a Horo fiend. I can’t help it.

          I’d totally be an Eruru fiend too if there were good figures.

          • Rico-sama says:

            Good, but I have no clue what else is/was in the box.

            You know, you’re right. There aren’t any good Eruru figures. I don’t know why, what with having the means to beat back the apocalypse and all.

          • Aka says:

            I don’t think Eruru was as likeable a character as Horo. Eruru had one scene in which everyone loved her for, the tailgrab. But beyond that I think interest fades.

            Horo on the other hand, can be loved for each and every scene she’s in.

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