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It seems as though I keep hitting the “Buy This” button, I almost bought more too but on occassion I do have some self-control. These are the most recent pre-orders and purchases, they along with my other orders can be viewed on my Figure Page. Not all of these were ordered at the same time, they are just my last 5 orders.

figma-ordered-max-factory-drossel-01Drössel von Flügel

Series: Fireball
Company: Max Factory
Scale: Not to Scale
Release: June 2009
Price: ¥3,048 / $35 CAD

Drossel will be my first Figma. I’m not a fan of figmas really due to the joints ruining the appeal of the figure for me. However Drossel being a robot (so far as I know) makes it ok as I expect there to be joints. She also looks like she’s a lot of fun with all the little extras included. With the book which looks like a spell book and all the different head gear, it looks like when I’m bored I can have some fun with her and my other figures.

Since Drossel is my first, I’m not really sure what to expect in both size and quality. How easily will she move, how well can you pose her or how heavy those head pieces will be. Can she stand without the mounting? Perhaps photoshopping it out could make for some fun pictures. I look forward to receiving this figma.

figma-ordered-max-factory-drossel-02 figma-ordered-max-factory-drossel-03 figma-ordered-max-factory-drossel-04 figma-ordered-max-factory-drossel-05 figma-ordered-max-factory-drossel-06 figma-ordered-max-factory-drossel-07 figma-ordered-max-factory-drossel-08

figure-ordered-kotobukiya-plug-01Plug Insulator Suit Ver.

Series: Fight Ippatsu! Juden-chan!!
Company: Kotobukiya
Scale: 1/7
Release: September 2009 (Re-release)
Price: ¥4,800 / $55 CAD

This figure is mentioned in a previous post already, but since that post I’ve put in an order for this figure. She’s very cute and wearing a very tight suit so I couldn’t resist. Being a Kotobukiya figure she’s on the cheaper side of anime figures, which is nice. Though I haven’t managed to get the same deal GGT over at Nekomagic managed, $23 bargin bin. This was due to the fact that when she was first released she was not a popular item. If only I’d been collecting in 2007.

To correct my previous post, Plug is wearing an Insulator Suit and that “tail” is part of the suit. It’s used to ground her when she recharges people. I’m not sure what that entails, but given the author of this series… impure thoughts are surely along the right line.

figure-ordered-kotobukiya-plug-02 figure-ordered-kotobukiya-plug-03 figure-ordered-kotobukiya-plug-04 figure-ordered-kotobukiya-plug-05

figure-ordered-gsc-world-is-mine-04World is Mine

Series: Character Vocal Series: Miku Hatsune
Company: Good Smile Company
Scale: 1/8
Release: September 2009
Price: ¥8,381 / $96 CAD

I bought this Hatsune Miku to go with my Black Rock Shooter who’s also on order and who’s not Miku but often gets confused as her. The base of this figure differs a lot from other figures. It’s surrounded by a wood frame and can be hung on a wall or angled on a shelf. I have one issue with the figure though even before arrival, and it’s her thighhighs, I wish they weren’t shiny. They should be matte like the rest of her clothes. They’re not shiny in the artwork on which this is based though there is light shining on them. But otherwise it seems a very good interpretation of the artwork.

I do wonder how heavy this will be, it looks substantial. However I suspect it’s not as heavy as it looks. That would be a waste of materials and added shipping costs. But I can’t help but keep thinking there’s a big solid piece of plastic in that box and that the wood is strong heavy wood. I guess that’s good actually, makes it feel substantial.

figure-ordered-gsc-world-is-mine-01 figure-ordered-gsc-world-is-mine-02 figure-ordered-gsc-world-is-mine-03 figure-ordered-gsc-world-is-mine-05

figure-ordered-gsc-ryougi-shiki-2-01Shiki Ryougi

Series: Kara no Kyoukai
Company: Good Smile Company
Scale: 1/6
Release: February 2009 (Re-release)
Price: ¥5,238 / $60 CAD

I love my previous Shiki with her simple and elegant pose and well detailed paintwork. However there’s more than one side to Shiki, and I wanted to have another. So I caved and ordered the re-release. Shiki’s attire is a bit eclectic with that red leather jacket, the kimono and the boots but it seems to work for her.

The 1/6th scale of this figure has me thinking she’ll look kind of huge on my shelf filled with mostly 1/8th scale figures. Though at least now my TAKI Horo will have a friend her size.

figure-ordered-gsc-ryougi-shiki-2-02 figure-ordered-gsc-ryougi-shiki-2-03 figure-ordered-gsc-ryougi-shiki-2-04

figure-ordered-gsc-corticarte-02Corticarte Apa Lagranges

Series: Shinkyoku Sōkai Polyphonica
Company: Good Smile Company
Scale: 1/8
Release: January 2008
Price: ¥3,920 / $45 CAD

This was entirely an impulse purchase. A friend of mine was talking about Polyphonica and Corticarte certainly seemed cute. I’d seen a few Corti figures around, another of which I want and even some (terrible) modifications (NWS). Eventually I decided to purchase the Good Smile Company version. I liked the swimsuit versions I saw by both Newline and Kotobukiya. But Kotobukiya’s was an exclusive and Newline, well I’m not sure about their quality. So I stuck with what I know.

Corti’s skirt is removable so one can stare at her panties if they want without having to look up her skirt. I do wonder if she’s going to lean or not, since she’s being supported only by one leg. I hope Good Smile Company thought of this, if not I’m going to most certainly have issues. I hope they ran that support through her leg, but I suppose it’s doubtful.

figure-ordered-gsc-corticarte-01 figure-ordered-gsc-corticarte-03 figure-ordered-gsc-corticarte-04 figure-ordered-gsc-corticarte-05

And there we have it, my 5 most recent orders. They’ll all arrive at varying times unfortunately but I look forward to all of them. I’ve got some arriving shortly I believe as well. So I should be posting up a few more reviews in the near future, one of which I’ve been meaning to do for a long time, I’ve just been lazy. She’s a certain blonde girl with the ability to change her form and doesn’t like ecchi men.



  1. Marshmallow says:

    Hmm, Corti, I don’t think she’ll lean. I don’t own her, but I do own a figure with a similar base, with the little metal pole in a foot, and she hasn’t leaned yet. (Alter’s Fauna)

    • Aka says:

      That gives me some confidence, I really hope she doesn’t lean. I don’t want to have to learn the tricks of the trade. Though I already have 2 leaning figures, but they’re different. One is a $10 joke purchase, and the other was a gift but poorly designed.

    • Rico-sama says:

      Yeah. And with a name like Good Smile Co behind her, it would be a total shocker if Corti did lean. The entire leg is probably made of a firmer plastic.

  2. Rico-sama says:

    Looks like your figure collection is growing quite nicely! 😀

    Usually you can’t stand figma’s without the base but Drossel looks to have some big feet, so maybe it’ll work fine with her.

    Personally, I love me some figmas. I love them more than Fraulein Revoltech figures, even though they do a much better job at hiding joints. Part of this is because Max Factory does the sculpting, but figmas also pose quickly and the joints are more sturdy.

    I’m also getting WiM Miku and am heavily considering Juden-chan. Shiki is nice, but really not a priority. Same with Corti.

    PS. I totally had to Google the girl you were talking about for your next review! If I got it right, I’m looking forward to it. 🙂

    • Aka says:

      It’s growing faster than I thought it would. It’s getting obsessive, especially for my income level.

      I didn’t really expect Drossel to stand on her own, but if she does it’d be a nice bonus for a few shots.

      The poseability of figmas has always interested me, but I always found the joints really detracted from their appearance.

      I think I recall reading on your site about you getting WiM Miku. Plug seems like a good figure, ecchi but clothed.

      There’s a problem with Plug and Corti though, I haven’t seen the series they belong to. One I have an excuse for, it’s not started yet, but the other, I just haven’t seen. This goes against my self-imposed rules of only buying characters from series I’ve seen! So now I have to see Polyphonica, I can’t break my own rules!

      I guess we’ll have to see if you got the girl right or not. Hopefully I can get her up soon.