Horo by makeplus, manufactured by Alpha Max

I don’t know much about Alpha Max, but I have seen a number of figures they’ve done around the internets. Most of the figures, if not all, contain some nudity so this figure seems their cup of tea. Makeplus is the sculptor behind this figure, I’ve seen pictures of their garage kit floating around on the internet and hoped someone would pick it off and produce it. The limited information I’ve found claims that this item will be cold cast, ¥14,490 / $173 CAD, 1/7th scale and will be released in October 2009.

figure-makeplus-horo-preview-02I’m happy to see one of the many garage kit figures being picked up by a manufacturer, though the price is quite hefty. Unfortunately, unless I gain some additional cash on hand, I don’t think I’ll be able to purchase this rendition of Horo. Which is a real shame, as I’ve been trying to grab each and every one released so far.

The pictures provided by AmiAmi’s site make Horo look quite pink, almost like the early stages of sunburn. It’s rather off putting, however I hope it’s just the photoshoppery or lighting. You can also see hard edges where they ‘shopped out the background, figure-makeplus-horo-preview-03which makes me think that perhaps with the background the overly pink skin would have looked justified. Thankfully though she doesn’t look shiny like the garage kit. One thing you may notice between the garage kit and this figure though is her tail. There are 2 versions of the tail in the garage kit, neither of which is this one. It would be nice if they were included as both versions of the tail in the garage kit look to be larger than this tail. The larger tail seems more fitting or Horo, given most of the artwork and descriptions in the light novels.

figure-makeplus-horo-preview-04I’m not sure if I could feel comfortable having a nude figure on display, but I do like it. I like how her tail follows her bum and comes out between her legs, self censoring. But I think the large tail from the garage kit that also covered her breasts would be better. However, since it’s not an erotic nude figure with some ridiculous pose, I think she could pass my own self-censoring and actually be displayed. But I’d have to see more angles and better pictures to be sure, or better yet, hold her in my hands.

I’ll be keeping my eyes out for any more information on this figure. Hopefully some better pictures surface soon.



  1. Rico-sama says:

    Put me down for liking the tail on the GK better as well. It makes Horo’s demeanor a little more playful, in my mind. I’m also not convinced by that face.

    Yeah, displaying nude figures is a no-no for me, though Horo here (the GK version with the big tail) would be “clothed” enough to pass.

    • Aka says:

      Yeah, I’m not sure why they made the design change. Perhaps because they seem to be a company that focuses on nudity over all else. The tail would have blocked too much potential nudity, heaven forbid…

      Maybe one day I’ll wake up creative enough to produce a ‘proper’ tail for this figure.

      I too am not really convinced by the face. Sometimes I wish I was a master sculptor, in fact more often now than ever before. I’d create the perfect Horo. But unfortunately I’m not creative in the slightest, oh well.

  2. woooh~! Holy kitsune sex! O_O Although the quality of the figure isn’t to my liking, I DO like the pose. Tail-between-the-legs hotness

    • Aka says:

      Not kitsune sex, ookami sex!

      Contrary to popular belief, Horo is a wolf, not a fox. Well, she is a fox too, but that’s besides the point.