Fight Ippatsu!! Jyuden-chan! Preview

Having just watched the preview of Fight Ippatsu!! Jyuden-chan! I have to say, it might just be the over the top Magical Girl Transformation Sequence I’ve ever seen. The preview is 1 minute and 29 seconds long, ~60 seconds of which is Plug’s transformation sequence. The remaining 29 seconds is tight plugsuit fanservice and more jiggling breasts. Pretty much the whole preview contained scenes one might associate more with hentai than broadcast TV. Lots of nudity, breasts, jiggling breasts, crotch shots, what appear to be fluids. The only thing missing to make it truely out of hentai is actual sex.

The preview seemed to lack information about the series story, in fact one might think there might not be one. The only thing learned is that the series appears to be near porn. Which I’m quite fine with, so long as it does have some story, unlike for example, Kanokon, which I disliked emmesely aside from delicious cake. However I think there’ll be enough story to keep me going, I have faith in Ditama Bow. His previous works include Mahoromatic and more recently KissxSis, another nearly porn. I hear you pointing out that KissxSis has no story either, but I counter with, it has more direction than Kanokon did.

And so I look forward to Fight Ippatsu!! Jyuden-chan!



  1. Rico-sama says:

    I must say, not having seen the preview and going on your description alone, this show seems right up my ally. Lack of story probably wouldn’t bother me. After all, you should never let story get in the way of a good show. Like with Dokuro-chan.

    This is the guy who also did Mahoromatic? Wow, he’s really immersed his stuff into the ecchi since that.

    • Aka says:

      Yeah he’s gone from “Ecchi is bad!” to incest, though not really, since they’re not blood related (KissxSis).

      Well true, it doesn’t have to have a story story, but each episode has to have some point. I just felt Kanokon had no point ever, and that annoyed me.


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