Golden Darkness (Yami) by Good Smile Company & Alpha x Omega

7 thoughts on “Golden Darkness (Yami) by Good Smile Company & Alpha x Omega”

  1. I didn’t even know that AxO’s Yami existed! Before I would have (ignorantly) claimed that GSC’s was the best, but you’ve made me want the AxO sculpt more! (Though some of those angles make it look like she’s sitting on a toilet.)

    I kinda disagree with your take on the Yamis’ hair though. When I looked at the pics my read was that AxO’s coloring is bolder but lacking in shading/highlight and GSC’s is paler but has more of both those.

    My own preference is the GSC execution, but I actually think both figures executed their hair perfectly for their sculpt. Bolder colors on GSC Yami would make her hair “heavy” and distracted attention away from her face, while paler, better shaded colors on AxO Yami wouldn’t have contrasted with Yami’s outfit nearly as well. Just my two cents.

    I LOL’d at your story. I forget, are you one of those “one character, one figure” people?

    1. I started to think that after I’d finished the article. And since it was already written I didn’t want to go back through and re-edit.

      That said, GSC Yami’s hair is far too dull I think. This could in part be due to the fact AxO’s Yami arrived first and I got used to her vibrantly coloured hair. But you’re definitely right, GSC’s Yami has some shading vs next to none on AxO’s Yami.

      I’m not one of those one character, on figure people. I’ve got one Shiki with another on the way, I own 3 Horos, and have 2 more on the way. I own 2 Haruhi’s as well. I also want to buy Kotobukiya’s Corticarte from Polyphonica. I already own GSC’s Corti.

      But back when I’d pre-ordered the Yami’s I was leaning towards the one character, one figure mantra.

      Note: I may have given away some of the stuff from the mystery box 😉

      1. OK, so dumb question. XD Yeah, had I thought about it a second and remembered your extensive Horo collection alone, the answer would have been obvious!

        Wasn’t GSC Yami part of the mystery box? If not, then I’m completely lost on the box’s content.

      2. Yeah GSC Yami was indeed part of it.

        Yeah, I’m totally a Horo fiend. I can’t help it.

        I’d totally be an Eruru fiend too if there were good figures.

      3. Good, but I have no clue what else is/was in the box.

        You know, you’re right. There aren’t any good Eruru figures. I don’t know why, what with having the means to beat back the apocalypse and all.

      4. I don’t think Eruru was as likeable a character as Horo. Eruru had one scene in which everyone loved her for, the tailgrab. But beyond that I think interest fades.

        Horo on the other hand, can be loved for each and every scene she’s in.

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