24 Hours of LeMans

With the race starting shortly I thought I’d talk a little about some of the cars I’ll be watching most during the race. I’m not sure how much of the 24 hours I’ll get to watch due to the length of the race, the amount of coverage available, and family. But as always I’ll try and get in as many hours as I can.

Aston Martin LMP1

automotive-aston-martin-lmp1-02This year Aston Martin has decided to build a new car for the LMP1 class. Previously they drove in the GT1 class with their DB9s, which I’ll tell you are near the very top of my list of cars I want, just under the Aston Martin DBS, which is an aggressive looking DB9.

Having not seen Astons LMP1 car until just today I had no idea what to expect. And it turns out to be very sexy in my opinion, at least as sexy as these cars can look given the rules and regulations. At first I wasn’t fond of the colour scheme chosen, however it’s grown on me. I was hoping for more British Racing Green, but the chosen scheme is quite appealing as well. I hope these guys win, but I don’t think it’s likely, being their first year with it in the 24 hours. But I’ll keep my fingers crossed for them.

The Aston Martin LMP1 uses the 6.0L V12 out of the DB9 which produces 485 kW / 650 bhp and 700 nm / 516 ft-lbs. It’s mated to a 6-speed sequential transmission and sits on a chassis produced by Lola. And unlike the diesels, sounds wonderful.

automotive-aston-martin-lmp1-01automotive-aston-martin-lmp1-03automotive-aston-martin-lmp1-04automotive-aston-martin-lmp1-05 automotive-aston-martin-lmp1-06automotive-aston-martin-lmp1-07automotive-aston-martin-lmp1-08automotive-aston-martin-lmp1-09

Audi R15 LMP1

automotive-audi-lmp1-02Audi has also built a new car this year, the Audi R15. However Audi has recent past experience in the LMP1 class with both the petrol powered R8 and the diesel R10. Following in the R10s footsteps the R15 continues with it’s diesel power plant, however they’ve reduced the number of cylinders from 12 to 10 shortening the engine. It’s my understanding this was to make the car more agile, which will definitely help them a lot in the American LeMans series where the Porsche RS Spyder LMP2 cars were kicking the R10s butt on the smaller tracks.

While I like the look of the car, I’m not sure if it’s as nice as the previous car. It seems more bulky some how. I rooting for Audi hoping they win the 24 hours, but because I don’t want Peugeot to win and don’t think the Astons are really capable of winning.

The 10-cylinder engine used in this car produces 480+ kW / 600+ hp and just like the previous generations over 1,000 Nm /738 ft-lbs of toque. It’s certainly a beast. In previous generations the engine had a very low power band from 3000 rpm to 5000 rpm, and was nearly silent. It appears to be similar this year. Diesels are so boring, no sound no drama.

automotive-audi-lmp1-01automotive-audi-lmp1-03automotive-audi-lmp1-04automotive-audi-lmp1-05 automotive-audi-lmp1-06automotive-audi-lmp1-07automotive-audi-lmp1-08automotive-audi-lmp1-09

Peugeot 908 HDi FAPautomotive-peugeot-lmp1-01

This car has an unfortunate name, probably unknown to those who named it. Fap being the onomatopoeia for male masturbation. Peugeot is using the same car as previous years, though with different livery than last year. Which caused me some confusion because I kept finding the wrong cars.

I’m not very interested in this car, but they have a good chance of winning and I don’t want them to. So I’ll have to jinx them some how. Despite that though, it’s a pretty car I think, well from some angles.

To be fair I should give some specs on this car as well. Unfortunately the French have made a beast of a car here with 522 kW / 700 bhp and 1200 nm / 885 ft-lbs. With this much torque you could spin the earth around. All this power comes from a twin-turbo charged aluminum V12 diesel engine, so again, boring and low revs.


Well it looks like I took too long posting this. The race already started. Maybe I’ll make a second post about the other cars later, but these are the most interesting ones for me. I love the Corvettes with their 7L engines and I’d love to see the Japanese Lamborghini finish for once. But no time now! Things are already happening!