Treasure Festa 2009

Over on they have a report of their findings from Treasure Festa 2009. Honestly, I’m not sure what Treasure Festa is as I’m fairly new to the figure scene myself. The only events I’m aware of prior to this is Wonder Fest. Anyway, it appears Treasure Festa is a travelling anime figure convention focusing on garage kits. Which means pretty much everything there I’ll likely never see let alone own.

This event confused me at first because in trying to find further information about it, I kept finding different dates. The event surely couldn’t span months, and eventually I figured out that it travelled from place to place. foobarbaz’s coverage is from the event held in Kobe April 29th, 2009.

Additional coverage can be found via Akiba Hobby, and some good English coverage for the Japanese impaired (such as myself) at Neko Magic.

foobarbaz-clannad-fujibayashi-ryoufoobarbaz-clannad-fujibayashi-kyouFujibayashi Ryou & Kyou
Sculptor: Paradise Cafe / パラダイス・カフェ
Scale: 1/6
Price: $120 CAD / ¥10,000

I could be wrong with the Sculptor, but it’s the only name that seemed to match up with these figures. You can tell they cheaped out a bit on these two as they have the exact same pose, they only differ in their head and hair. But being twins this seems like a fair decision on their part. I’m also a bit tired of the gym uniform, however it is cute from time to time. Honestly though, I’d prefer if they had shorts on. My biggest complaint about the gym uniform is the bloomers anyway.

Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens
Sculptor: ? / ヒロイン工房たんぽぽ
Scale: 1/4
Price: $180 CAD / ¥15,000

Google couldn’t provide me with a satisfactory translation of the Sculptors name. It said “Dandelion studio Heroine”, which didn’t make enough sense to use. This garage kit seems to be among the best I’ve seen I think, perhaps due to the scale. Nagi seems perfectly detailed and even her face seems properly rendered. I would really like to own this figure. Though perhaps it’s just this one angle that makes it seem so perfect, it would be nice to find other angles. Further, and I’m not a boot fetishist but, I rather like her boots.

foobarbaz-sakura-strasse-marie-rudelMarie Rudel
Sakura Strasse
Rin Tomorrow / あすりん
Scale: 1/8
Not For Sale

Marie Rudel is from a Visual Novel series entitled Sakura Strasse, an H-game of course. This figure I think is very well done, it captures the image it’s based upon quite well. Her clothes are cute and her pose. The witch hat seems out of place given her attire, but I actually kind of like it. Some mild cleavage is visible as well, the wrinkles in her socks. I feel this figure needs to be made into a PVC, I really want it. Hopefully if it does it’s done by a tier 1 company.

nekomagic-sakura-strasse-marie_rudel-02 nekomagic-sakura-strasse-marie_rudel-01
Series: Spice and Wolf
Sculptor: makeplus
Scale: 1/7
Price: $95 CAD / ¥8,000

Horo, my favourite wolfgirl who looks like a fox. But minor details like that aside, this is a figure I’d really love to have the proper polish done to it. I’m a bit of a Horo fan I admit, so if this were to be produced I’d likely buy it even if it lacked the polish it deserved. Hopefully though if it were to ever be produced, it would be done proper. There are 2 variations of this figure, I’m not sure if there’s 2 physically separate figures or if it’s just a component that can be removed, but she has 2 tail positions. One where her tail is between her thighs and is holding it in her hand, and the other where the tail extends out behind her. I think I prefer the tail between thighs as it’s cuter. More pictures available at their website.

nekomagic-spice-and-wolf-horo-01 nekomagic-spice-and-wolf-horo-02 nekomagic-spice-and-wolf-horo-03 neko-magic-spice-and-wolf-horo-04
foobarbaz-griffon-enterprises-touhou-hakurei_reimu-01Touhou Characters

The various Touhou characters by Griffon Enterprises I’m seeing at Treasure Festa all appear to be PVCs for production. Which is nice the majority are pretty enough to put on a wish list. But interestingly, the unpainted versions appear to have more detail, I don’t think they do, I stared at them for a while. But it’s interesting how the lack of paint and polish made them seem more physical and real than the painted. Take a look at the photo to the left, then look at this photo. Do you find the unpainted one appears to have more detail? It just seems the unpainted variation has much more depth.

I’m personally not a fan of Touhou, I don’t know much about it, and had to spend an inordinate amount of time looking up their names and matching them up with their figure. But when I saw the unpainted version of these figures I thought the finished product was going to look amazing and I’d have to purchase. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case, the finished product looks good, just not as good as I had envisioned.

If I had to pick favourites out of these figures it would be (assuming I got their names correct), Reimu, Marisa and Aya, in that order.

I’m starting to think the unpainted ones are modeled out of a different material as well. I’ll have to look into this one, it’s hard gathering information off japanese pages.
foobarbaz-griffon-enterprises-touhou-hakurei_reimu-02 foobarbaz-griffon-enterprises-touhou-karisame_marisa-01 foobarbaz-griffon-enterprises-touhou-karisame_marisa-02 foobarbaz-griffon-enterprises-touhou-shameimaru_aya-01 foobarbaz-griffon-enterprises-touhou-shameimaru_aya-02 foobarbaz-griffon-enterprises-touhou-remilia-scarlet-01 foobarbaz-griffon-enterprises-touhou-remilia-scarlet-02 foobarbaz-griffon-enterprises-touhou-izayoi-sakuya-01 foobarbaz-griffon-enterprises-touhou-izayoi-sakuya-02

nekomagic-spice-and-wolf-horo-sharkThere are many more figures I’d like to mention but I’m tired of researching and translating and trying to make sense of the gibberish that’s spat out by Google Translations. I’ll just mention this last one though because it makes me think of the phrase “Jumped the Shark”. I’m not sure of the name the sculptor or group goes by but this figure is just too funny not to mention, even though it’s of poor quality.

Well, I hope that was as enlightening for you as it was me, and if not, I hope the pictures were pretty.


(Note: This post took me all day to write, why? I kept changing EVERYTHING I wrote because I kept finding more and more out. So if things don’t meld well together, it’s likely because they were written at different times, bleh)


  1. Rico-sama says:

    I think the reason you think you see more detail in the unpainted Touhou figures is because it’s easier for the eye to see contrast and shadow when color isn’t there. Plus paint has thickness, so don’t discount that.

    That said, the “unpainted” version could be a prototype. I think sometimes prototypes do actually have more detail – something to do with the molding process if I remember right.

    That Horo by makeplus looks really tempting and I’m totally with you about liking the version with the tail between her legs: ecchi is ofen times better than straight up nudity, IMO.

    The Touhou figures themselves look OK, but I really don’t trust Griffon that much. Plus as popular as Touhou is I think we’ll see some nicer figures from some of the big names out there.

    Nagi is pure win! She has FREEing written all over her.

    PS. Sorry you had such a rough time with the post. I still enjoyed it!

    • Aka says:

      You could be right about them being prototypes. Looking back on foobarbaz I notice the price for them appear to say ¥160,001? That’s some serious money…

      I’m not sure on Griffon either, I haven’t really seen anything they do that really appeals to me enough to look at their quality. The pictures I saw today looked great in the prototype stage, but the painted version not so much. I never really considered that the paint would have a ‘weight’ or thickness to it. Good point.

      I really hope someone picks up that Nagi and doesn’t change her at all, or if they do, makes it better. I just don’t know if I want a 1/4 scale figure. I feel like if I’m going to get something 1/4 scale it should be badass, since it’ll stand out so much.

  2. Razrig says:

    Kannagi figure look awesome!!! ~~~ but it’s a garage kit~~ need paint right?

    • Aka says:

      I’m not entirely sure about many things on the garage kit scene. I would almost certainly say yes it requires paint, as well as assembly. However the producer of the figure may have made a very limited run of pre-painted/assembled versions for sale at the convention and that’s all. I wouldn’t know for certain.