Review: Spice and Wolf II – 00 (OVA)

Finally! More Horo! And I’m already late for the show. The Spice and Wolf II OVA was released 6 days ago and I only just had a chance to watch it today. Some how I’d forgotten about it thanks to my work schedule, at least that’s the story I’m sticking with.

I was really happy to see the chemistry between Lawrence and Horo hadn’t faded, it made for some cute moments for sure. With the addition of Nora in the episode we got to see a jealous Horo going from cute and happy to cute and angry, always cute.

Not much happens in the episode though to be honest. The episode starts with Lawrence, Horo and Nora drinking and eating, and Horo gets sick. The rest of the episode is Horo sick in bed and Lawrence taking care of her. But even in this limited setting there’s still enough going on to keep you interested, between the moé Horo moments to her dreams about her past. Through her dreams about her past we gain some insight into Horos character and emotions.

The worst part of the whole episode by far was the first minute and 12 seconds. This time does not feature Horo at all, and is comprised mostly of slide-showish scenes of a lively bar mixed with credits.

I’m still not a fan of the new animation yet, I feel like at times Horo is much too thin. I feel like in the first season with character designs by Kazuya Kuroda Horo felt better proportioned overall. Though I might argue Horo can seem really moé with the artwork by Toshimitsu Kobayashi. But I don’t think I support this moé-ification of Horo, she was plenty cute already, but still retained an appearance I felt more befitting of her. She feels a lot more like a 15 year old girl now than she did in the first season. Bonus to some maybe, but I feel like it’s a loss.

The end of that last paragraph felt like a good ending point, except for one thing. It gives this impression that I didn’t like the episode, which is untrue. I really enjoyed the episode, but still feel apprehensive about the character designs. I really wish they’d kept Kazyuya Kuroda. Oh well, I still get my Horo fix this way and that matters more.