Lucky Star Ita-oil

Here’s something that will never go in my car, except in maybe the passenger seat or window. But certainly not for what appears to be it’s intended use, lubricating my engine. Apparently it comes in Mint and Peach fragrance (is that before or after use?), which seems very odd, I never smell my oil. It’s not cheap either, at approx. $30/L!

Wonder if they make an oil filter with Kagami on it…

More info at Sankaku Complex (NWS).



  1. Razrig says:

    wonder how many otaku own a car~~~~~?

    • Aka says:

      By the looks of all the Ita-cars out there, I’d say enough. But not really enough to market such a product I don’t think, it’s such a niche…

    • Rico-sama says:

      I don’t think the lack of a car will really matter for the collectors out there. When Aka joked about the Kagami oil filter I thought “I’d buy it.” 😛

  2. Yyi says:

    This is wrong. They left out Kagami.
    There’s even a picture of Konata at the back warning users not to consume.

    You could substitute it for an air-freshener, and suffocate your unsuspecting fellow co-workers with unburnt oil. Not to mention it being potentially flammable as well. After all, it DOES smell good.

    • Aka says:

      I agree, I can’t understand why they left my favourite Lucky Star character out. Maybe they plan to have another product with Kagami on it, such as the oil filter. But that would be so hidden…