Exhaust Gaskets

Quite a while ago I purchased a used turbo-back exhaust system for my car. Since then it’s been sitting on the floor of my basement unused. This as you can imagine has annoyed me greatly. The reason it continued to sit there was because the local shops never got back to me about installing it. Maybe I’ll go into that a bit more before I continue on.

I emailed the local shops asking if they could install an Up Pipe and Turbo-back exhaust onto my car. I would provide the exhaust, they would provide the rest of the hardware to install it. They asked me questions about the components and confirmed information. I even sent them simple sketches of the gaskets for them. Once everything was figured out I said, lets do it, and never heard back. I followed up a few times but nothing.

Since then I’ve purchased some extra tools and decided to do it myself. I know that I’m getting a bit over my head here. The bolts will likely be on there quite good due to corrosion and heat. I’ll likely require more tools, perhaps some I can borrow, or perhaps I’ll need to take it to a friend instead.

Choosing to do it myself also brought on another problem, finding the gaskets. Some of them are plain easy, but there was this one gasket, the 3-bolt gasket for the catalytic converter. No one around here has them. I went all over the place looking, finally I found some on the internet.

The total cost in gaskets should be around $120, which would have blown my mind if someone told me that at the shop. When I set out looking I was thinking it wouldn’t be too expensive, and I’d only need a few as I could reuse some of the ones I have. However over the course it became apparent that I shouldn’t reuse anything unless I want to replace it later when it fails and leaks. On top of that I hadn’t thought of the gaskets for the up pipe.

The list of parts required as follows:

Hopefully these arrive soon so I can get started on failing and eventually hire someone to install the system of pipes for me. Summer is fast approaching and I need more power! Hurry Hurry!