A set of proper tools

Up until now I’d been using cheap tools or old tools, just whatever was available to try and get the task done. This worked for the most part but sometimes there were just some things that were harder than they should have been. So yesterday I got fed up and decided to buy some proper tools so that in the future I can do the job easier and properly. I didn’t go out and buy every tool I’d ever need, but I bought a good set to start with and I think from here I can build. One tool I had to take back though, I’d purchased a torque wrench, but it was too short for me to use, I don’t weigh enough and couldn’t get enough leverage lol.

automotive-new-tools-01Not a huge collection here but you can see what I have, this doesn’t include the old tools for the most part. The blue jack is my old jack, it’s pretty useless, you can’t really get it under a car and it doesn’t really jack up high enough to put a jack stand under. So I purchased the yellow jack yesterday, it’s very quick, not much effort is required and it’s low enough to fit under even lowered cars for the most part. Works great on my car, which isn’t lowered at all. I believe it’s 4 inches to 22 inches lowest to highest, the blue one is only 5½ to 14 inches.

automotive-new-tools-02The jack and jack stands weren’t a package, but they were both on sale, the 3 tonne stands were only $18, the jack however was $200. I probably should have looked around for a deal but that was still $30 off and I’m more than happy with it. Though it’s only a 2½ tonne jack, someone might tell me I could have purchased a more powerful jack for that money. But my car only weighs 3400-3600 lbs and the jack doesn’t have to lift all of it.

automotive-new-tools-03Part of the problem with the old jack was that it couldn’t get high enough to use the 3½ tonne jack stands I’d purchased with it. They used to work well together with my old car, but with the new one it’s harder to get to the jack point at the front with the old jack, and it can’t raise the car high enough from that point to use them. The new ones are shorter and take almost the same load. However I still prefer to use the big blue ones at the front of the car. Bigger is better in Aka’s mind. I’m terrified of the car falling on me, it’s pretty darn secure on the stands, but it is 3600 lbs ‘floating’ above me.

What caused me to purchase the next item is the length of the rachet I was using. It was a short rachet meant for smaller tasks, but always worked for me in the past. But this time I couldn’t get the oil plug, I reefed on it hard but it wouldn’t budge. And affraid the car would fall on top of me with all the reefing I gave automotive-new-tools-04up for a while. I consulted my friend about the issue and decided to just go out and buy some real tools. So I bought this 190 piece ratchet set from Canadian Tire. It was on sale at 45% it was the same price as the 65 piece set. The set comes with 3 ratchets and admittedly the biggest one isn’t too much longer than the one I already had, but boy it did the job. One good pull and off came the plug and I was in business.

Soon enough I’ll be catching up with my brother and need a proper tool chest for all my tools. But until then this will have to do. Because christ tools are expensive. Then again, they’re about as expensive as my figure collecting and a million times more useful. Hmmm….