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  1. Haha, yeah, when I saw the way the tail connected I was like O.o

    This was the Horo I saw for $150 at Otakon last year. I didn’t get her because I didn’t feel a Kotobukiya figure was worth $150, and your review kinda reinforces that for me.

    She’s got a really cute face though. That alone almost sold it for me.

    1. $150?! I purchased this for considerably less than that! Though still perhaps $10 more than it’s really worth if I didn’t like the character. I believe she was in around the $70 mark before shipping.

      Would be nice if Horo didn’t have a big hole above her bum 😦 But with the dress on you can’t see it, so all is well with the world.

      1. She may have been closer to $100 now that I think about it. The same both had the Enterbrian Yoko for $150, so I might have gotten the two confused.

      2. I suppose that’s more resonable than $150, but still quite expensive. Though I suppose $70 + shipping gets close to $100 anyway. I do think she’s more of a $50-60 figure. But she is cute, and I love me my Horo.

        Of the 3 released, she’s definitely the best Horo thus far. That definitely plays a part in my opinion, having purchased the other 2 variations first. TAKI (ew quality), Cospa (bad face), then Kotobukiya (yay!).

      3. well, imo the ONLY non fail horo is the GSC horo, however, as i posted on the taki horo post, bargain for taki, and for koto horo, poisoned.

        personally i am a fan of the anime version of horo, not the manga. koto’s horo is based off the light novel/manga.

        did i mentioned poison? yes i did. have you seen azure toy box koto horo shootings? insanely stunning. taken from his site, you can check out a few pics thats my favorite: http://www.quazacolt.com/kotohorofigure.zip

        his site: http://blog.livedoor.jp/azure_toy_box/

        particularly: http://blog.livedoor.jp/azure_toy_box/archives/719483.html

        you may also check out his GSC horo figure shoot, and ive also gotten my own GSC horo and again, best horo thus far hands down.

  2. Nice presentation with beautiful pictures. But I prefer the recent Good Smile Company version ^^ Thanks for this shooting ^^

    1. Thanks. I have the GSC version on order but have yet to receive her yet. So I don’t have much of an opinion yet. She looks quite good, though the removable ears add a strange look. Maybe I’ll keep the hat on, who knows.

    2. I have the GSC Horo on order too. She should be arriving at the end of June, but the place I order from has been spotty with shipping lately.

      1. Nice Rico, I was hoping mine would ship sooner than that. Probably wont though 😦 Currently scheduled to arrive at the company I purchased through at the end of the month, then ship here.

        I’ve since decided to start purchasing straight from Japan. But I still have a bunch of pre-orders with the current place.

      2. agree with ur future choice, straight from japan is the way to go especially if ur impatient on figure releases. GSC horo was released end of april and by early May almost everyone already gotten their share 😛

    1. ami ami dont ship internationally IINM.

      one can go for HS/HLJ/PA, HS/HLJ is based on yen which is ~5-5.8k yen + shipping. while play asia (hong kong based, however they get their figure almost always the same day as japanese release or latest is around 2-3 days delay) is on 70USD excluding shipping.

  3. Quazacolt, thanks for all the replies.

    I didn’t link Ami Ami as a shipping reference, it was just the first site I noticed that had the re-release of Horo and linked it as evidence of such.

    I like the GSC Horo but I do not think it’s the best so far. Because in my opinion GSC is just doing a better job than Cospa. They’re too similar and that takes away from GSC’s originality. I would prefer if they’d tried to do something different.

    Additionally, I also prefer the anime version of Horo to the light novel version. However I still feel this Horo is the cutest out of the 4 released so far. Maybe I’ll change my mind when my GSC Horo eventually arrives, but this is how I feel right now.

    Oh yeah, what do you mean by poisoned? I’ve seen Azure Toy Box’s pictures, I usually visit them via foo-bar-baz. Azure Toy Box is always taking their Kotobukiya Horo everywhere with them. It’s always interesting to see where he takes her. I’m much too afraid to take any of my figures with me anywhere. They cost too much to get over here.

    1. no problem 🙂
      since you’ve already got GSC horo PO’ed as well, all’s thats left is for her to arrive to you 🙂

      if i can make a summary of her, its basically taki’s horo “gimmicks” (well you cant cast her off completely, but you definitely can play around with her clothing)combined with cospa’s clothing and koto’s facial/hair, with a slight change that it is the anime version of horo over the manga/LN version that koto is based on.

      in terms of originality, you’re probably correct, it isnt much. However in terms of figure quality, detail, and accuracy, simply nothing at the moment beats it. There are a total of 4 (5 if you count cospa limited alternate color version) official horo PVC ever released (excluding resin/GK) and 2 of them are from “sub-par” companies while GSC is a “big 4” company (again, koto following the manga just isnt my taste ^^). as mentioned on the other post, the “big 4” companies are GSC/Max Factory/Alter/Kotobukiya. In terms of figure detail/quality, they will be the companies in the lead when it comes to new painting/shading/gimmicks. (although if ur a fan of cast off, you may want to look into megahouse, or Alpha omega, which is alter x megahouse)Of course, their figures are also amongst the most expensive as well 😛

      “poisoned” is basically a general term amongst figure collectors (at least locally :P) to describe how “tempting”/”tempted” one is regarding a specific or multiple figures. (or any items in general)
      eg: 1) “im so poisoned into getting that new figure after seeing pictures of it” 2) “oh noes hes spreading poison by linking those new figure reviews”

      and yes, the only reason im getting koto’s horo is thanks to azure toy box ^^
      ive also had plans to make her some custom clothing just like he did

      1. I’ve got figures already from 3 of those manufacturers, and a Max Factory on the way. I also have 2 Alpha x Omega figures, Yami (Not reviewed yet) and CC. I haven’t noticed any cast-off stuff with Alpha-Omega?

        After the TAKI incident I did some research on which companies I should buy from, so I try and stick to them for the most part which are the same ones you mention. I also have many a place to find reviews and pictures now, so I feel more confident in my purchases.

        Currently I think GSC is my favourite just based on the number of figures I have from them and have pre-ordered.

        Thanks for the explination on poisoned, I’ve never heard it used that way before. Seems very much a local slang to where you are.

  4. AO figures are sculpted by alter, and alter figures in general dont have cast off features 😛

    well GSC definitely hold (AFAIK) a huge portion of the PVC figure market. a huge part of it imo is thanks to their international site and of course, Danny choo behind the works of it 😛

    well im not entirely sure if its a local, more towards an in-house “slang” amongst figure collectors XD

    1. That’s what I thought about Alpha x Omega, but this line made me think otherwise and question.

      Quazacolt: (although if ur a fan of cast off, you may want to look into megahouse, or Alpha omega, which is alter x megahouse)

      I suppose I’m not ‘in-house’ really, I collect but I’m not into the whole scene yet. I started this site up again to post some reviews because I couldn’t find a lot of english sites with good pictures. But I never really tried to get into the scene yet.

  5. haha my bad on including AO, and actually, ive even done a brief lookup and AO didnt really have any castoffable figures too. One thing for sure though, look at megahouse’s Queens blade series 😛
    or a majority of their figure release for that matter LOL!

    dont worry though, give it some time and you’d fit right in. 😉
    heck, if you’re REALLY bored and want to have a place to spam, feel free to visit thefiguremall.com’s chat box 😛
    just register and head to the lounge and enter chat (cafe@TFM)

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