Spoilers before release, arg!

Going through my daily websurfing routine I came across some spoiler pictures from Spice and Wolf II ep 0. Now, I’m as anxious as anyone to see the next episode and on the verge of looking for spoilers. But I hate them, I hate spoilers so much. I always feel like when I receive a spoiler the whole episode is ruined. It normally isn’t, and most of the time it doesn’t really detract from the experience. But beforehand I don’t know this, beforehand I worry.

I worry thanks to movie trailers. So often now movie trailers will contain the only good parts of a movie, or the best parts, and this really takes away from the experience. A movie whose good parts have all been revealed has nothing more to offer and loses much of it’s entertainment value.

I don’t think the spoilers I saw will ruin the episode, I’ll be happy to have my Horo stories back regardless. And really, the novel translation is available on the internet so I could read ahead of the anime anyway. But it’s hard reading a novel on a computer screen.

An additional little note, the spoiler pictures are early, wasn’t the OVA supposed to be released in a few days? Can’t wait for it to be subbed so I can quell my anger and anticipation. When will the first season go on sale in North America anyway?



  1. Rico-sama says:

    The worst is when you’re surfing the web in a way that will likely lead to spoilers, but do it anyway. Then guess what? You spoil yourself and you have no one to blame but yourself. I’m still kicking myself over my own such idiocy and ruining something in Code Geass.

    That said, I agree with your point about spoilers actually having little impact on the enjoyment of the show/episode itself. Sure they may lessen the impact of the moment when whatever is “revealed” or “happens”, but show’s now-a-days seem to be a lot better at handling the “afterwards” and “impact” of the situation on the characters and story. Spice and Wolf just seems like one of those shows to me.

    • Aka says:

      I used to have to avoid 4chan’s /a/ board all the time when new episodes aired that were popular on the board. Now I just avoid 4chan almost entirely.

      I think one of the reasons the spoilers don’t necessarily spoil as much as one thinks before hand is imagination. You see the spoiler out of context (generally?) and so your mind quickly builds a story around the little piece of information. The narrative my mind tends to create is usually so far off base that the spoiler ends up being almost a non-spoiler.

      Though, some spoilers can really ruin a show on you, like the end of Code Geass season 1, or Fight Club, or the 6th Sense etc…

    • Rico-sama says:

      Actually had the end of the The Sixth Sense spoiled for me, lol. Still watched the movie though. Definately not as good.

      Yeah, 4chan’s where I’ve been spoiled the most, but the Code Geass one was just carelessness on my part while cruising Wiki. Not a lot of room for my mind to build a narritive when the spoiler is laid out in text. 😛