Review: Kotobukiya’s Suzumiya Haruhi Swimsuit Ver.

Another figure produced by Kotobukiya today. Seems they and Good Smile Company make the figures I like most. For those who don’t know, you’ve been under a rock, but Suzumiya Haruhi is a character in a self-titled show The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi by KyoAni. The show is based on a series of light novels by Nagaru Tanigawa and was enormously popular when it aired.

Haruhi isn’t my favourite character from the show, I like many preferred Nagato Yuki. But the Nagato figures I want aren’t produced, they’re one offs by a sculptor who goes by the name ‘BUBBA‘. That said, Haruhi was a fun character, over the top for sure, but the chemistry between her and Kyon certainly made the show, it was the show. That said, I most certainly purchased this figure based on sex appeal, no underlying motives here.


Sex Appeal

I think there’s plenty of sex appeal in this figure. Legs, midriff, bum, swimsuit. Similar sex appeal as the Eri Sawachika figure I purchased previously, both are in their swimsuits. Interestingly they both have larger breasts than I’d normally consider preferable, but I think that balances out their figure.

HIDE, the sculptor, did quite a good job I think capturing Haruhi. He chose a rather appealing pose, kneeling, shirt lifting up slightly revealing a little bit more skin, and if you turn her around, a rather nice bum. The pose works just as well with her shirt cast-off, revealing some nicely defined cleavage. However I prefer with her shirt on, I like hints towards more instead of just flat out revealing.


Skin Tone

I rather like Haruhi’s skin tone on this figure, Kotobukiya has managed to make it seem quite soft and naturally coloured. They also managed to stay within the lines quite well, there’s only a few minor issues, such as a dot on Haruhi’s stomach, and some runoff on her hairband. Her yellow top seems fitting but I’m not a fan of the brown swimsuit, it reminds me of the 70s, and I didn’t live through the 70s. I’m not sure if the series had a brown swimsuit, I’m pretty sure it was orange, so this was the sculptors decision. That said it does also seem fitting of the figure and I think even makes one appreciate the skin tone more.


No one is perfect, not even a god and as such, even Haruhi has a few issues. On the top of Haruhi’s right foot there’s a molding defect, thankfully this is not visible in the slightest when Haruhi is in her kneeling position, but none the less it’s still there. Also in the same place on both feet are some red paint marks on her toes. It looks as though Haruhi scraped them while playing on the beach, though more likely the paint has come off the base. There’s also the two mentioned previously, the spec on her tummy and the yellow runoff in her hair off her hairband.


figure-kotobukiya-suzumiya-haruhi-41Tear ‘er ‘ead off

That’s what I felt like I was doing when I tried to remove her head to take off her shirt. Saying things like that and using words like ‘her’ make that sentence seem very very deranged. Moving on, her head was very very hard to remove, you have to pull quite hard and it’s really disconcerting. I thought I was going to break her, but there’s no way to be gentle about it. All the other pieces that are removable go on and off with ease, it’s just her head that’s difficult.


This figure is probably a bit risque even with her shirt on but despite that I rather like it, or perhaps because of that. She has a nicer figure than Eri too, more petite I think, more befitting of my tastes. I’m not overly fond of her facial expression, but I suppose it is fitting of Haruhi. A possible use for this figure could also be when you’re angry and you feel like tearing someones head off and other figures heads come off too easily to be satisfying.

Oddly this figure gets an overall rating slightly higher than I’d have given it if I just gave it a single rating. It’s funny how that works, a figure can have lots of good points but the sum of the total just doesn’t add up.

Lots of pictures in the gallery below, lots.



  • Sex Appeal, attractive pose
  • Well sculpted midriff, legs and feet
  • Nice soft skin tones


  • Brown swimsuit is kind of a turn off
  • Some mild mold and paint defects



  1. Leonia says:

    Hé ! Nice shooting ^^. At the beginning, I wanted to pre-order her, because I found her nicely (she would have been my first Haruhi), but I have make choose. Sheis very beautiful in any case. Congratulation for this purchase!

  2. Rico-sama says:

    I just love that shot you have right next to the Skin Tone section; very seductive!

    I kind of agree with you about preferring Haruhi w/ shirt as apposed to shirt-less, but it looks to thick for a real shirt. I keep it on her though, just to make her look different than the other bikini girls I have displayed next to her.

    PS. Put me down for wanting that BUBBA Spacegirl Yuki to be put into production too! The retro 50s sci-fi look is just too awesome for words.

    • Aka says:

      You bring up a good point, her shirt does appear to be too thick. And I can’t play the sweater card like I did with Rin. But I have to say it’s not something I really notice enough to care about.

      I want both those BUBBA figures produced. I love them both for different reasons. Spacegirl Yuki for her retro sexiness, and witchgirl Yuki for her adorable cuteness.

  3. Persocom says:

    very nice review and good pictures ^^ I might get this figure some day if I can still find it, but it’s not a high priority get for me.