Review: Kotobukiya’s Nagi

I kind of purchased this figure on a whim one day while watching Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens. Nagi and Jin seemed to have a nice chemistry between them and after a few glances at pre-production images I decided to give in and purchase. Then I waited. And waited. And waited some more. 6 months of waiting she finally shipped and arrived.

Handle with care

Unfortunately when my package was packed Nagi’s box was damaged. Nothing severe, and I’m not such an avid collector that I feel the need to have a perfect box. If I was I’d likely never take the figure out for pictures or display in the first place. And if I did, I’d have to buy more than one copy and boy would that get expensive fast! The damaged bits can be seen in the following photos. On the front side you can see the damage at the top, and the back side it’s on the left corner. I’m not sure how it happened, but likely when they were closing the box they squished down the packing materials.


A Flat Chest is a Status Symbol

Valuable commodity indeed. I’ll give a star out to anyone who gets the reference. The quality of this figure is pretty decent. The skin tone is pale but fitting of her character. I’m not usually into the paw thing, it usually goes over the top into territory I often disassociate myself with. However on this figure it seems to work pretty well. Her paws are quite coarse and not soft at all, but I suppose that’s to be expected given the materials. figure-kotobukiya-nagi-08

I like Nagi’s pose, arms back chest out, even though she’s lacking in that department. Her costume is fairly basic and plain on her torso, but I like how it’s strapless, and the folds are realistic. She’s also larger than her base, which is interesting. I kept trying angles to see if I could get more of her on it, but in the end I had to let bits of her hang over the edge.


Quite often I see figures where they flatten a surface such as the bum or leg(s) where they contact the base. This helps I suppose in realism and giving the figure a sturdy surface to sit on. This usually annoys me because it looks dumb when you take them off the base. Nagi however has no such surface and it’s much more attractive, though it does give off a bit of a weird vibe. Nagi must have buns of steel, I can see between her cheeks, and she’s sitting, er, not that I’m looking.

Face off

figure-kotobukiya-nagi-26Nagi’s the first figure I have with an alternate face. Which made it interesting when trying to figure out what I’m suppose to remove and how I’m supposed to get it off. I was fairly confident I had to remove her hair by looking at the alternate face and it’s enormous forehead. But her hair didn’t want to come out when I pulled, and I didn’t want to pull too hard in case it wasn’t what I was supposed to be removing. After jiggling her ears for a little bit her hair came loose and I was able to remove her face.

I prefer her alternate face, she’s embarrassed and blushing. And blushing is the colour of virtue. Additionally the alternate face is closer to the image on which this figure is based. Though it’s not quite the same, in the original Nagi looks annoyed.


The painting on Nagi is quite good I think. However there are some faults, there are some spots here and there, all very small, though her face has a blue dot on it, right on her nose. There’s also another under her right eye. The colours are very light and pastel-y and match the original artworks colours fairly well. Though I think her hair is too pale a blue compared to the drawing and just about every piece of official art. There is also some bubbles in places but again very small and I’m not sure they’re noticeable in the photos.


Everything Else

Nagi’s base seemed pretty neat at first, covered in a nice blue material. Unfortunately it marks up easily, having Nagi sit there leaves marks in it. Mine shipped with a bunch of marks in it already, but that doesn’t really bother me, I’m not looking at the base and the darker blue adds a nice contrast the overall lighter appearance. There are a few visible seams in both arms, but nothing to really complain over, and those in the legs aren’t really all that visible at all which is nice, I look at legs more than I do arms.



That’s all I can really think to say about this figure. I pointed out some flaws but really it’s quite good. I think the biggest complaint of them all which I didn’t really put as much emphasis on as perhaps I should have is her face. It’s rather disappointing for the figure not to have the right face to go with the picture. But otherwise I’d say the execution was well done. Hopefully Zange ships soon, then I’ll have my set, I chose not to order Tsugumi as the figure didn’t really appeal to me, so not a full set here.



  • Good production value
  • Nice pastel tones
  • Cute pose
  • Interchangable face


  • Paint specs here and there
  • Very minor box damage
  • Base marks up easily


Note: Images reprocessed 26/09/10.


  1. Leonia says:

    Nice shooting of this Nagi version. Your pictures are great ^^.

  2. Rico-sama says:

    Amazing set of pictures, Aka! Looks like you nailed lighting and the pics are super clear.

    I agree about Nagi’s “alternate” face being the better of the two – seems to capture her tsundere personality quite nicely.

    Oh, and you beat me to the punch. This was totally going to be the next figure I reviewed!

  3. Aka says:


    Sorry I beat you to the punch 😛

    I’m not really satisfied with my review though, I wrote it while half asleep and forgot to add things I wanted to. Oh well, the jist of it is still correct.

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