Review: Alter’s Eri Sawachika Swimsuit Ver.

A number of times I’ve been asked “why did you purchase that bitch? you don’t even like big breasts!’ and this is true. Why did I purchase Eri Sawachika? Because she was cheap. That’s not entirely the only reason, but I’d been on the fence on this figure and even went to purchase it, but later removed it from my order. Then a month later I noticed she was going for ‘only’ $30 I believe it was, which was pretty reasonable, so I purchased.

This figure is produced by Alter and currently is the only Alter figure I own. From what I can tell Alter is not the best manufacturer but is among the higher level companies and on average produce a pretty decent figure. Having this knowledge I felt pretty confident in my choice of purchase. I was aware of one issue prior to purchase with the figure which I’ll get to in a bit, but overall the figure received a positive reception in the reviews available at the time.

‘Cos you were all yellow’

Sorry ’bout the Coldplay lyrics there, believe me I tried to think of a good Hitchhikers Guide reference to use there but couldn’t. When I look at Alter’s Eri I can’t help but feel her skin colour is much too yellow. In the photos it looks a bit better I think in part because of the white background playing tricks with my eyes. But in person it’s quite yellow. There’s also inconsistencies in the colour, her body is pretty consistent, but her face is quite pale in comparison. It really stands out in the proper lighting.

There’s some decent shading on her skin some of which is rather subtle, but overall a nice effect. However her hair has some nice shading in it as well, however her hair colour in general also seems wrong to me. I think it’s hard to get a blonde hair colour without just being yellow, but a lighter or more yellow colour would likely have been better. Her hair colour borders on green almost.

Moles & Scars

Adding to the list of faults in this figure are some molding defects. Eri has a scar on the right side of her bum, a nice gash of skin is missing. As well, on her right hip there’s what I believe to be an injection scar from the mold. There’s also some moles on her back, leg and left armpit. The one in the armpit is quite large and and very apparent as it’s facing upwards. The injection molding scar on her right hip is pretty hidden when she’s lying down, very hard to notice if even noticeable at all.

Smallest of the faults has to be the little paint defects here and there. On Eri’s right hand, her knuckles are discoloured and dark, bruised from punching Harima perchance? Maybe this isn’t a defect at all! It’s attention to detail! Likely not though because in addition to that error in paint there’s some red specks in her twintails. Not overly apparent, but noticeable.

Oh… well there’s one more, just one more fault, honest, this is the last one. The top of her bikini, the straps appear to be slicing through her breasts and sexy collar bones (get the reference?). This looks like it could be quite painful! Poor Eri, how can she look so happy?

Good news everybody!

Now that all the bad is out of the way, lets move on. Eri’s pose I find to be quite appealing and sexy. She’s arching her back and looking over her shoulder to watch the men admire her firm buttocks. And while doing so revealing her large breasts to to those in front. Quite the fan service she’s bestowing upon us. Observant voyeurs will notice the details that exist on her bikini, a few wrinkles, some purple lace, and grey frills. One might almost mistake it for lingerie, in which case Eri would be a naughty girl. Only naughty girls wear black!

Eri appears to be quite fit, or at least that’s the impression I get from the figure. I can’t recall the series much at this point. Her tummy appears quite firm and flat and very appealing for a tummy. Her long legs have the right proportions to maximize their attractiveness even leaving some nice thigh gap up by her crotch. I’m not overly fond of her feet, they appear too thick in places and makes them look a bit stubby despite the fact I think they’re otherwise the correct proportions. And as mentioned previously, her firm bum, very nice.


After all the problems I had on my $120 Horo figure, this $30 figure seems like great value. Despite the many faults pointed out above, I rather like this figure, big breasts and all. Though I think her breasts could use a reduction, if I had my choice. However had I paid the original price for Eri which likely was closer to $60 and likely more, I do not think I’d enjoy the figure as much. I’d certainly be more angry over the faults for the price, especially the discolouration between her skin and her face. It really does look like she was tanning with a towel over her face and forgot.



  • Great price
  • Sexy pose and lingerie-like bikini
  • Good proportions, even with those breasts


  • So much yellow, too much yellow
  • Inconsistent colour, Eri’s face is more pale than the rest of her
  • Hair colour is also strange
  • Molding defects, quite a few of them



  1. Rico-sama says:

    Alter’s history has been a little wild, but they’ve been really solid in recent years.

    That said, I passed on this figure as a number of things bugged me about her. A couple you already mentioned – bad face and poor hair color – but what really gets me is that her “swimsuit” looks more like underwear than anything you’d take to the beach (I still don’t know why that bothered me, but it did).

    Great review!

  2. Aka says:

    Thanks! Yeah I thought it looked a lot more like underwear after purchasing it as well. I felt like perhaps I shouldn’t keep it out on display. But despite that it’s on display along with everything else.

    Out of curiosity, what manufacturers do you lean towards?

  3. Rico-sama says:

    I lean towards Max Factory and Good Smile Company, and I actually really do like Alter.

    Max Factory is just simply superior all around for sculpt design, pose, detailing, paint coloring, and production consistency. Good Smile is just as good at Max for most of those same criteria, but falls to second for me because sometimes their color scheme can be very contrasty (not that that’s “bad”, I just don’t like it as much).

    Alter can rival both Max and Good Smile, but their production consistency varies more than the other two. They tend to pass more than they fail, but it’s still annoying. Every problem you had with Eri I could apply to their 1/8th scale Haruhi and she’s only a couple months old! However, Alter’s recent run of StrikerS figures are simply stunning.

    Anyway, sorry for rambling!

    • Aka says:

      Alpha x Omega is a part of Max Factory right? They do quite nice figures. But Max Factory only does 2 figures I want. One of which I’ve got on order, the other is older and no longer available. Sawatari Makoto from Kanon. The pre-order is the Gekisou Ver. Haruhi.

      So far I’d rate Good Smile Company higher than Max Factory, I have 3 figures from them, all of which seem very good. And Alpha x Omega’s quality seems to be the highest of what I own so far.

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  5. Lake says:

    I love this girl

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