RE: Spice and Wolf II – Episode 0 Trailer

spice-and-wolf-horo-eyes-1 spice-and-wolf-horo-eyes-2

Finally having time to analyze the small amount of animation in the trailer there’s one thing that stands out the most for me. Horo’s eyes, they’re so different between the stylings of the different artists, Kazuya Kuroda and Toshimitsu Kobayashi, and I feel they give an entirely different feel to the character.

On the left we have Toshimitsu Kobayashi’s stylings, he’s the character designer of the second season. Kobayashi makes less use of black lines to define Horo’s eyes and draws the edges more curved. Kuroda on the other hand makes use of more angular lines and quite a lot more black as well. The difference between the two changes the way I perceive her. Kobayashi’s eyes make me think of a young girl, which of course Horo is in appearance, but appearance only. Kuroda’s eyes I see someone much older and wiser than they appear, which I think fit Horo’s character perfectly.

Now of course, neither of these screencaps show Horo making a similar face and perhaps is not a fair comparison because of it. But even with some of the other examples out there such as the wallpapers released on the official website, there’s something different about her eyes. Additionally, I could just be accustomed to the original eyes and reading too much into it, and surely this is indeed part of it. Regardless though, the character designs are different.