Sawachika Eri Swimsuit Ver. by Alter

5 thoughts on “Sawachika Eri Swimsuit Ver. by Alter”

  1. Alter’s history has been a little wild, but they’ve been really solid in recent years.

    That said, I passed on this figure as a number of things bugged me about her. A couple you already mentioned – bad face and poor hair color – but what really gets me is that her “swimsuit” looks more like underwear than anything you’d take to the beach (I still don’t know why that bothered me, but it did).

    Great review!

  2. Thanks! Yeah I thought it looked a lot more like underwear after purchasing it as well. I felt like perhaps I shouldn’t keep it out on display. But despite that it’s on display along with everything else.

    Out of curiosity, what manufacturers do you lean towards?

  3. I lean towards Max Factory and Good Smile Company, and I actually really do like Alter.

    Max Factory is just simply superior all around for sculpt design, pose, detailing, paint coloring, and production consistency. Good Smile is just as good at Max for most of those same criteria, but falls to second for me because sometimes their color scheme can be very contrasty (not that that’s “bad”, I just don’t like it as much).

    Alter can rival both Max and Good Smile, but their production consistency varies more than the other two. They tend to pass more than they fail, but it’s still annoying. Every problem you had with Eri I could apply to their 1/8th scale Haruhi and she’s only a couple months old! However, Alter’s recent run of StrikerS figures are simply stunning.

    Anyway, sorry for rambling!

    1. Alpha x Omega is a part of Max Factory right? They do quite nice figures. But Max Factory only does 2 figures I want. One of which I’ve got on order, the other is older and no longer available. Sawatari Makoto from Kanon. The pre-order is the Gekisou Ver. Haruhi.

      So far I’d rate Good Smile Company higher than Max Factory, I have 3 figures from them, all of which seem very good. And Alpha x Omega’s quality seems to be the highest of what I own so far.

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