Ryougi Shiki (Kimono ver.) by Good Smile Company

2 thoughts on “Ryougi Shiki (Kimono ver.) by Good Smile Company”

  1. My only real complaint is that the overall effect is a bit too serene for the character. I have a image in my head of a Shiki in the midst of battle, torn kimono, down one one knee with her sword and body poised for the next strike, and teeth clenched in anticipation.

    Then again, I’ve not seen the anime so I could totally be off base. That and what I’ve just described is kinda cliché. XD

    Oh, and there is a lot of gloss in her kimono, now that you mention it. 😀

  2. If I recall correctly, I believe she does have some serene moments in one of the episodes. I suppose I could attempt to find a screenshot of such, but I’m too busy right now to bother.

    That said, the image you present is also something I can picture her doing. And given my imagination is quite a sexy image.

    Her kimono really is too damn shiny… but overall I like this figure.

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