Review: Cospa’s Horo

Cospa’s Horo, better than TAKI Corps. The end. Kidding, there’s plenty more.

The second of my current 3 Horo figures is produced by Cospa. She’s a few steps up when compared to TAKI but still not as good as my Kotobukiya Horo, which I’ve yet to review. Sure she’s not half naked, and her removable skirt doesn’t reveal skin. But she feels like she has much more detail, a more playful pose, and best of all, didn’t creep me out for a week after purchase!

Bonus, more pictures than evar! (And yet I still missed important angles)

Lets work our way down and start all the way at the top. Her hair. Her hair seems much more realistic in it’s arrangement than TAKI’s Horo. You get the feeling they actually thought about how hair might move when they sculpted it. It’s not one big lump of wtf it’s flowing and separated. You’ll also notice they did what seems to be the normal thing to do and place a seam in the head. I honestly stopped noticing the head seams in figures, I guess I’ve just gotten used to them. The coloring on the hair seems like it could have used more work, notably around her ears, I just feel they look to bland. Most depictions of Horo in artwork at least have white tips, even TAKI Corps had this.

Faces seem to be the hardest thing for a sculptor to get correct. Likely due to the fact they’re adding a dimension to the character seldom seen, the 3rd dimension! Cospa’s effort here I think is lacking, she doesn’t really look like Horo. You know that it’s Horo from her hair, ears, clothes, posture, eye color, but the face certain is not hers. This is unfortunate, because it really detracts appeal from the figure.

Horo’s clothes are decently detailed and I don’t think anything really obvious is missing. The shading in her shirt seems odd from some angles, such as the dark spot on her left armpit. From one angle it sort of looks like she’s got a pit stain, which really isn’t my fetish at all. Her vest seems much better blended, though the black bits around the top and bottom seem too shiny. I’m not sure what the red braided thing is with the ring on the end, but it feels like it’s too long, like that if she wasn’t moving quickly would drag on the ground.

Horo’s skirt is removable, but unfortunately it’s removal reveals things I’d rather it didn’t. It’s not the pants that bother me, girls in pants can surely be sexy, that’s not a problem. But what is revealed is a poor quality tail. The end of it seems fine, the part that pops out a little bit under the skirt, but the rest of it is made to fit under that skirt. This leaves a lot to be desired, it makes the tail look too thin and uncared for, which we know Horo would never let happen. A nice bit of detail here though is her pants, the part where her tail comes out, you can see they dip halfway down her bum, good on them.

And now we’ve reached the bottom, her boots and her base. Her boots have enough detail in them, definitely nothing spectacular, but really when are boots spectacular anyway? The biggest issue down here is the base. I feel it’s poorly designed. The part on which her boot connects to the base is not part of the base. It’s a separate piece that joins the base to her boot. It doesn’t hold her in place too well. She definitely doesn’t fall over like TAKI’s Horo but she does wobble to and fro. It would have been nice to have a proper mount molded into the base.

We’re not done yet! Defects! I must point out the defects! Aside from her face (that sounds so mean) there are only 3 real defects that I noticed on this figure, one of which I’ll never see because I don’t like this figure without her skirt on. The first defect is under the skirt, I’m not sure what kind of defect is is, but surely some paint could have covered most of it up. There’s 3 or 4 white dots on her shirt at the base of her tail, it’s good I’ll never see it, because it’s annoyance level nears that of the mark on TAKI Horo’s leg. The next two defects are both in her hair and I suppose I could count more than 2 but I’m not going to count the seams throughout her hair as defects as the hair is still rather well done. There are two marks on her hair that annoy me, probably molding process defects, some rough marks on two of the strands of hair.

Overall this Horo is pretty good, vibrant colours and a playful mood. The only real issue I have with it is her face, it really looks nothing like Horo. The hair, the clothes the pose all seem rather well done, it’s too bad Cospa can’t make a face to match.



  • “Realistic” flowing hair
  • Rather detailed pants, properly dropped at the rear for her tail
  • Tail looks pleasant enough with her skirt on
  • It’s Horo!


  • Poorly sculpted face
  • Average construction
  • Terrible two-part base
  • Generic pose



  1. Rico-sama says:

    I share your feelings about the face design. I haven’t seen Spice and Wolf so I don’t know if it’s on model or not like you do, but I do know it’s utt bugly.

    Love the group shots. The differences between the three models are amazing and sometimes humorous. I saw that Kotobukiya Horo at last years Otakon. Now I regret not buying it.

  2. Aka says:

    It’s interesting the progression, at least in the order I purchased them. They kept getting better and better (purchase order is left to right in the group shots). I have the Good Smile Company Horo on order currently. I’ve already got some complaints about it and I’ve not even received it yet! But none the less I think it could still be a progression for the better. And with season 2 there are hopes for more and better Horo figures.

    Now if they just made a good Eruru figure…

  3. Rico-sama says:

    I just saw the Good Smile Horo and all I can say is: WANT.

    Looks like she comes out next month too! Missed the pre-order, but might need to get her none-the-less.

  4. Aka says:

    My only complaint with the GSC Horo is that it’s almost a remake of this Horo, though much better. But they just added a hat, and a hat that she doesn’t wear with these clothes. Up until episode 7 Horo uses a hood to cover her ears. In episode 7 Lawrence buys her new clothes and she gets a hat to cover them up with instead.

    Horo’s new clothes.

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