Review: Alpha x Omega’s CC

Alpha x Omega’s figure of CC from Code Geass was the second figure I purchased. This figure taught me just how bad my TAKI Corp produced Horo was. There are far fewer problems with this figure, in fact they’re quite hard to find and not all that obvious or annoying. And if that wasn’t enough, she was cheaper than TAKI Corp’s Horo at a cost of $84! Though I suppose in TAKI Corps defense, Horo was 1/6th scale where CC is 1/8th.

Two of the biggest problems with this rendition of CC can be viewed in the photos above. If you look at the hair that runs down her back, you can see the glue that’s holding it on as well as some green paint on her shirt. I didn’t find this very noticeable but it does look a bit of a defect once you notice. The other thing that bugs me which can be seen in these is her neck, it seems too long and narrow. Though I don’t find it a bother from most angles, only upon close inspection or the right angle do I remember this issue.

One of the (many) nice aspects of this figure is the unbuttoned white shirt she’s wearing, revealing her cleavage and lack of a bra. It very much adds to the sex appeal of this figure. Also you’ll notice they even made sure to add her marking or tattoo on her left breast. Her face makes me think she just woke up along with the sheets in her hand.

CC’s hair seems to lack some detail I suppose, but it’s very well painted and I feel suited to her pose. Since she’s not moving much if at all, or rather, I feel there’s no motion, her hair’s position seems well placed. You can see the seam in her hair, but that’s pretty normal and there aren’t any other major seams anywhere on her, she’s been well taken care of.

The view of her back-side is just as pleasant a sight as her front. The white shirt she’s wearing seems just the right size, though perhaps I might prefer an oversized shirt, but that would cover more of her up. Her clear plastic base is quite reflective depending on lighting and angle. Though I find it incredibly hard to pick up when it’s sitting on the shelf, the edges lay very  close to the surface. As one might suspect, it’s hard to keep clear plastic visably clean, lots of dust and fibers are visable.

CC’s legs are smooth and sexy, no visible signs of well, anything really. There is one defect on them though, there’s a dark spot on her left leg, however it’s on the bottom and can’t be seen at all normally. In one of the pictures below it can be seen though. Her feet seem to have just the right amount of detail and remain as smooth as her legs. Her left foot does seem larger than her right, but not really noticeably. The problem lies in how they molded her left leg, her foot is molded into her bum as she’s sitting on it.

In these photos you’ll likely notice that CC has the tightest bum ever as her panties disappear into her cheeks. I’m not sure I like this actually, I’d rather  her panties be visable, perhaps wedged in between her cheeks, but visable. This seems lazy to me. You’ll also notice the defect on her left leg which I mentioned previously. CC’s left hand also looks like… well, I’ll leave that to your imagination.

Overall I was very pleased when CC arrived, she was such a step up from TAKI Corp it almost made me mad. But of course, there was no point getting mad, I’d learned a good lesson, and regardless, I’ve still got a thing for tail anyway. Also, I have to apologize for the poorer quality pictures this time around, I should have cleaned off the dust from the sensor and the backdrop I use. As well I’d just bought a brand new flash I had no idea how to use, and found out midway through that the paper I was using the bounce was adding colour to the lighting making matching the white balance of all the pictures near impossible. Oh well.



  • Sexy & suggestive pose
  • Well painted
  • Nice attention to detail, like her tattoo


  • Glue between her hair & her back
  • Awkwardly long neck
  • Differently sized feet



  1. […] bit of information, the sculptor of this figure, Hiroshi Inagaki, is the same as the sculptor of Alpha x Omega’s CC figure. Both very well done, perhaps I’ll keep an eye out for more figures by Hiroshi Inagaki […]

  2. Rico-sama says:

    I have been collecting figures for a couple years now and I was still surprised at the fantastic quality of this figure. Great color, pose, and somewhat ecchi to boot. Shy on some details yes, but not that bad.

    I kinda wish you hadn’t pointed out her long neck, though, because now I can’t help but see it every time I look at her, haha. Oh, and if you like this figure, then I highly recommend trying to get their Kallen PVC as well.

    • Aka says:

      Sorry ’bout the neck, I couldn’t help it. Once I saw it I too couldn’t unsee it. So of course I had to infect others.

      Alpha x Omega’s Kallen figure didn’t seem as enticing as this one. I’m also not one for large breasts, which Kallen has in abundance. I like sets though, so perhaps one day I’ll purchase her for completeness.