Nikon SB-600, yay!

On Tuesday this week I finally decided to go out and buy a real flash for my aging Nikon D100. Up until now I’d been using the onboard flash, which frankly, sucks donkey balls. On occasion I can get a pretty decent shot with it, but only if I use paper to bounce the light to the ceiling and down again. But even with that hack it’s hit or miss with me. The book that came with the flash is quite large for what I originally thought would be kind of a simple device. Oddly, the book also includes a section about close-up photography that features… anime characters. Ha!


I’ve been playing with the flash for a few days and, well, I’m pretty terrible. It’s also too bad that I can’t use the flash’s remote capabilities with my decrepit D100. It would be nice to locate the flash off the camera and additionally it would be nice to have more than one for the closeup photography. But I don’t have so much money to spend, this flash alone cost $270.

My kitty, Ziva!


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