Lighting’s all wrong!

After glancing around the internets for others who are photographing their figures, I think my lighting system needs some tweaking. As well as perhaps my process. Currently the area I shoot the pictures is pretty basic, just 3 lamps and a back drop. And I felt this worked well enough until I started to notice everyone elses pictures. Mine always had shiny highlights while everyone elses tends to have more diffuse lighting creating a nicer more even photo.

[image type=”overlay” align=”center” caption=”HDR Photo of one of my lamps.”][/image]

What I’m thinking I’ll try doing is putting paper over the lights, perhaps the kind one uses for cooking. It looks thin enough to allow much of the light to pass through while diffusing it as well. I feel like I’m creating a fire hazzard just by thinking about this, but I don’t think my lamps get that hot, especially with the CFL bulbs.

Lastly I need to stop with my overly contrasty pictures. I’ve always had this urge to make photos more contrasty, make the whites whiter an the blacks blacker. But this tends to increase my issue with the highlights which has been creating poor results I feel.



  1. magallanes says:

    Hi there:

    Usually the lights mustn’t point directly to the object, instead the rays must rebound in some surface prior to reach the target.

    • Aka says:

      Yes diffusing the light does help remove individual points of light in the photo.

      For my little setup it’s hard to diffuse the light, those lights however seem to work rather well despite it. I now use a flash that I bounce off the ceiling as well, this helps illuminate other areas the lights can’t get to.


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