Cobb on the Saab

No dolls in this box. Cobb on the Saab, I love that term despite it’s apparent lameness. Today’s post has a very much more manly side to it than the previous posts with “dolls” as some of my friends call them. This post is about my car, and the new toys I purchased for it recently, and by recently I mean yesterday. Yesterday was a very expensive day, even though 2 of the 3 items were used, they’re car related and therefore expensive.

First on the list yesterday was tyres. Summer is coming quite rapidly, well I’m willing it closer anyway, and that means it’s time to replace the winter rubber with summer rubber. I’m getting tired of the soft spongy feel of the winter rubber, I’m in need of feeling and response that only performance rubber can give. So with this I set out to get a $1000 set of tyres, or so was my plan anyway. Turns out I didn’t need $1000, I only needed $800 and I got the tyres I really wanted even! A wonderful set of Bridgestone Potenza RE-01Rs! I’m sure they’ll beat last years set of Bridgestone Potenza RE-011s which I thought were good, until I didn’t.

Sticky Rubber!

Sticky Rubber!

I sure hope they're the right size. bridgestone-re01r-05

Item number 2 on the list, I had to drive much further than Toronto for. When I originally saw the location, I just assumed Toronto, but I was a little bit off, by about 2 hours. They were actually in Trenton. I’d never been to Trenton before, I’d driven past it a few times while on the highway, but never had a reason to stop in. Now that I have, I can see why. There wasn’t really much there to see, it was actually kind of a strange looking town. It had that really small town feel, but was spread out over quite a large area.

Anyway, item number 2 was an APS High Output Exhaust, an APSWRX-HOE/R8. Having little experience choosing exhausts and admittedly not researching this one much beyond checking APS’s website and some attempts at finding youtube clips, I’m not sure if it’s a good choice or not. I’ve heard good things about APS, but the noise it may produce, or how loud it might be is unknown to me. Hopefully it’s not too loud, because I’m not fond of obnoxiously loud exhausts, race cars excluded. I’m also not fond of the large coffee can sized exhaust tips, which this one does not have thankfully.

Used stainless steel pipes in an unflattering pose.

Used stainless steel pipes in an unflattering pose.

Close-ups apswrx-hoe-r8-03

Last item on the list, the Cobb AccessPORT version 1, allowing me to put the Cobb on the Saab. This uninteresting to look at device lets me reflash the ECU in my car with different mappings. This device combined with the exhaust above will give me 23% more horsepower and 31% more torque. Cheapest power you can buy I think. Especially when you buy it used. This device new went for I believe $700, I purchased it for $350 off a nice fellow in Toronto. Poor guy, he’d asked to meet at a Second Cup in Toronto gave me the location and I failed miserably. I went to the wrong one and sat there for an hour wondering where he was. Eventually I found a payphone, because I’m so technologically advanced I don’t own a cellphone. I called him and he told me he’d gone around asking people if they were me and of course no one was. Eventually we met up at a gas station, I handed him cash, we talked for a bit and parted ways.

I was a little bit worried at this point because I didn’t get to test the device out. These devices become married to a car when you flash the ECU, this means you can only flash one car at a time. You have to divorce the device from the car before you can marry it to a new one. However once I got home I turned it on and it appears to be divorced and free to plug into my car. I think he forgot to give me one cable though, which appears to be a serial cable. Which could prove to be interesting, since my PC lacks a serial cable in the first place. Perhaps there’s a USB to Serial adapter that can be used, I’ll have to google that when I get a chance.

You can access my port anyday.

You can access my port anyday.

Mondays Cost breakdown:

$68.18 – Gas
$10.99 – Car Wash
$824.00 – Tyres
$907.50 – Exhaust
$350.00 – AccessPORT
$12.89 – Food

Total: $2,173.46

That hurt the ol’ pocket book a bit. Hopefully nothing major goes *knocks on wood*.